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How do Mr Briggs and Mrs Kay relate to each other and their students?

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Our Day Out- Willy Russell By john wailey Q) How do Mr Briggs and Mrs Kay relate to each other and their students? The play emphasises upon the issues of how the circumstances of the children, whether they are rich or poor affects their educational achievement, where the play is about students that come from a poor background going to a school trip. As the children are from a poor background they shouldn't really have such high hopes for their futures as they are more likely to be unsuccessful in school. This is highlighted by the differences of how the rich are able to benefit from their educational achievements as more opportunities are offered to them. Whereas the poor gain rather few opportunities that are offered to them. The play is set in Liverpool, where the area of Liverpool is portrayed in the play as being rather poor area to live in, where a student talks about how dirty the area is.. ...read more.


Whereas the poor were not able to afford these things, where they struggled to afford such things like & food and rent. The play highlights the difference between Mr Briggs and Mrs Kay hold rather different views of education and how they that students. This leads to a conflict between Mr Briggs and Mrs Kay. Mrs Kay tends to have a tolerant view of education, where she is not very strict towards the student as she does not have very high expectations of the students' achievements. Instead she is very helpful to all students of all abilities, whether they are rich or poor. Where she is very sympathetic towards the children as she acknowledges their poor background and receive a lack of support from their families to help further their education. This causes a disagreement between Mrs Kay & Mr Briggs. The students are overcome by difficulties that limit them as they are unable to obtain a education. ...read more.


Furthermore Mr Briggs is rather cold and so is not able to relate to the children. "...anti establishment, let the kids roam wild don't check then attitude?" This demonstrates Mr Brigg's lack of understanding of the children's circumstances. He doesn't treat them as human beings. This is shown by the way he disciplines them many ways inside and outside the classroom. He bosses the children around, he tells them when to sit and stand in a straight line. He doesn't allow the students to go to the toilet until they reach their destination. He is portrayed as a military leader, where he views the trips as being educational rather than being a fun experience. Overall the play highlights how Mrs Kay & Mrs Briggs view the students as Mrs Kay acknowledges the disadvantages that are faced by the students in the progress class and so tries to be very helpful to the children. Whereas Mr Briggs does not seem to be concerned by the disadvantages faced by the progress class. so Mr Briggs is unable to relate to the children. ...read more.

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