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How do poets writing before 1914 write about love? Consider three poems, two by the same author

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16th May 2004 Rebecca Reynolds How do poets writing before 1914 write about love? Consider three poems, two by the same author Love means the affection for someone and a strong liking of them. 'Love is all you need' is a quote from a famous love song, which shows that without a love, you cannot get through life and succeed. Out of the three love poems that I shall be writing about only 'First Love' by Clare is the most romantic because it is aout how a young man falls in love for the first time. He is overwhelmed by the experience and in the last stanza it is revealed that he cannot have a relationship with the woman that he loves. However, the other two, 'Porphryia's Lover' and 'My Last Duchess' both by Browning are very different and are actually quite sinister. 'Porphryia's Lover' is the most sinister in which a man murders the woman he is having a relationship with because he wants to preserve a special moment that eh ahs with her and he is worried that she will not continue to be faithful to him. ...read more.


He could not concentrate or get on with anything because all he could do was think about her. In the third stanza the narrator is depressed that he cannot have a relationship with his first love. He says, 'Is love's bed always snow?' This is a rhetorical question and it means that he is not just upset but has obviously never fallen in love before and because his love is not reciprocating, he is asking the reader, 'Is love always this tragic?' In the third stanza there is evidence that the woman knows that he does love her. The reader is told, 'she seemed to hear my silent voice.' This suggests that the woman knows that he fancies her but he has never spoken to he before because he does not have any confidence to do so. The narrator seems to change his mind by the experience of love in the last two lines. They are, 'My heart is a dwelling place, And can return no more'. This means that he will always be affected by her and he will never get over her fully because she was his first love. ...read more.


He murders hr by wrapping her hair around her neck. He says, 'strangled her'. This suggests that Browning writes about love in a different way because he believes love can be about obsession and death as well as flowers and chocolates. Just as the 'love bed' was 'snow' in 'First Love', the ending of 'Porphyria's Lover' is also sad and destructive. Both poems can be associated with unhappiness and tragedy. Clearly the man is a psychopath. He puts her dead body next to him to cherish the moment forever. The narrator says, 'I propped her head up as before'. This tells us that he wants complete control over her and he wants nobody else to have her. At the end of the poem he is happy with what he has done. He says, 'thus we sit together now'. This suggests that it is what he wanted and so he thinks that there is no need for him to feel guilty. He does not feel sorry either. He says, 'And yet God has not said a word!' This shows that he is obviously a christian and if what he had done was wrong, God would have told him so. But God has not spoken to him so he thinks that nothing is wrong in what he has done. ...read more.

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