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How do the adverts aim to attract the buyer?

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Advert 1 Advert 2 How do the adverts aim to attract the buyer? Advertising is a message or notes for a vendor a consumer. It intends to provide information which can be factual or fable to influence a consumer to spend money on a product. Different adverts use various different approaches to appeal to a target market, some of which this text will explore. Even though there's an option for a direct approach, most adverts tend to stick with the indirect approach as most marketing agencies think that using symbolic codes and representations are more effective at attracting buyers. Gillette is a safety-razor manufacturing company worth US $43 billion and aims towards young men. And it sometime uses some other resources to penetrate through to the target market such as; Rugby League, US football association and Baseball. Some well known names such as Tiger Woods, Thierry Henry, Vincent McMahon, Michael Clarke, Shoaib Malik, John Cena and Rahul Dravid have been used to market their products. The company also utilised brands such as Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, NFL and WWE to enforce the advertisement of their products. This is done, so the customers, fans and audience loyal to these names and brands might want to try something from another company associated to that one just for the sheer fact that the company is linked to them in some way. This on its own in my opinion is a good advertising technique and one that is most common. ...read more.


This doesn't just do so, but once again it presents the result of using the product. Also in a long shot, her face is not the centre of attention, which implies that it's not important who she is, but what she is doing and what she is representing is more important. On the other hand it could suggest that the advertiser is hoping the market to just be absorbed in the ad just by looking at the "beautiful" model. This also shows sexuality being used to manipulate the audience. Next, in Advert 1, David Beckham is holding the razor in his hand in such a way that it looks like he's holding a sword. This could be a connotation of power, pride and strength. This suggests the razor to be personified as a sword and is like an object that represents power and strength and it's something that you would take pride in holding (it's a gladiatorial pose). He is also holding the product near his chest area which connotes that the product is close to his heart. A smirk on the model's face and a shining lens flare coming off the razor blades also reinforces the idea of pride, confidence, strength and power. This also contributes to the suggestion that the designer includes the emotional advantages of buying this product. Furthermore the setting of Ad 2 is at a beach which could symbolise femininity. This could also imply the girl to be showing off her dreamy body. ...read more.


Additionally, a couple of catchy phrases are to be noted in Advert 1. The slogan 'Precise, Smooth and Powerful' is a line made by using triads which is a persuasive device that persuades a viewer to buy the product. Advert 2 features the quote (the name of product) 'Venus Divine' which is also the name of the product as well as a phrase to made the product look feminine and sound good enough and promising for a user to buy. The name of the company 'Gillette' is present on both ads to symbolise the manufacturer and to highlight that this product is part of a well known brand. I think that a consumer would feel more comfortable relying and purchasing a product which has a huge reputation than buy any ordinary one. To conclude with, adverts use various different devices to promote their product and the most significant techniques to me are the emotional and materialistic benefits because these two, in my opinion, are the main reasons for the sale of a well advertised product. As well as these two techniques being effective, they are also fascinating as ad designers present the emotional and materialistic benefits in new and innovative ways. However the use of stereotypes could be the most immoral and un-ethical way to advertise as it could have a huge negative effect and even impact on someone who manages to misinterpret the messages hidden in the adverts. ?? ?? ?? ?? Syed M. Abbas | English Media Coursework ...read more.

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