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How do the authors create atmosphere and tension in "The Monkeys Paw" and "The Red Room"

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How do the authors create atmosphere and tension in "The Monkeys Paw" and "The Red Room"? A ghost story is a story with intent to scare; it usually builds up tension and suspense by using a lot of intense, exaggerated words. Usually in a ghost story there is a typical dark and gloomy setting and an inhuman object almost always there is a non human force or a supernatural being in the story to give it a scare factor. Supernatural means a power above the forces of nature which implies that it is not human. In the time that the two stories were written, the belief in the supernatural was a lot different to those of today. They believed in such things as ghosts and witchcraft where as nowadays there are only some believers. This could be because they had less technology than today's world so we have more evidence to whether they are or aren't real The Monkey's Paw is a story about a distant friend who has possession of a cursed shrivelled monkey's paw that grants three wishes to each man that obtains it. ...read more.


Using the word "it" to describe something, the author shows that the object is inferior or not important. The use of the word shows they are no longer describing him as a person. In The Red Room the characters are constantly asking the same question, this builds up tension because it makes you feel as if they know something that you don't. On several occasions the author uses this repetition of words to add to the drama of the scene. Examples of this are when the man with the withered arm says "it is your own choosing" and the old lady says "this night of all nights." Both characters say these phrases several times during the story to warn the narrator, which makes the reader, wonder what they are afraid of. The authors of the two stories use a lot of descriptive language to create tension. They do this by using strong powerful adjectives and verbs. This is extremely useful when describing setting, characters or feelings. In The Monkey's Paw the author describes Mr White as "grimly surveying the board." This phrase is a strange way of describing a game of chess. ...read more.


Nowadays we are able to view graphic images and realise that they are not real where is back then they would have believed everything which makes it more scary because it is realistic. Both stories have a huge impact on the audience because they both play with your feelings and emotions. Both stories are written with the intent to scare and they do that. Also, they make you feel sad, disgusted and interested. I think that they do this by there powerful descriptions. And in which they use long and short sentences to build up the tension and atmosphere before the ending. Whilst studying the two books I have realise that to write a successful horror story you have to use all of the techniques and in my opinion the most important technique is descriptive language. When describing, you have to use powerful and meaningful words to give a clear visual picture and so the reader is reacting to the descriptions. I feel that if you have good descriptions then everything else will follow and if you draw the reader's emotions in to the book then they will be more scared after the ending scare factor. ?? ?? ?? ?? Michael Tindall English coursework Miss Byrd ...read more.

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