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How do the authors create the feeling of suspense and mystery in the two short stories The Clubfooted Grocer and The Signalman.

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How do the authors create the feeling of suspense and mystery in the two short stories The Clubfooted Grocer and The Signalman Throughout this essay, I will analyse how language and literary devices are used for effect. The signalman written by Charles Dickens (who also penned Great Expectations, Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist) and Clubfooted Grocer written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (of Sherlock Holmes fame.) are both examples of pre-20th century prose. Both authors achieved great success for their larger works however both experimented with short stories, which these two are classic examples. The language in both The Clubfooted Grocer and The Signalman, is pre-20th century, while some of the vocabulary and sentence structure are unfamiliar to a contemporary audience it would have been familiar to a reader at the time of publication. Such examples of strange sentence structure include "to disgust him with his surroundings" from The Clubfooted Grocer; meaning that the person dislikes the place that he/she is living. In the Clubfooted Grocer, they also mention the profession of a "provision merchant." A 21st century audience may not realise that this is someone who sells from a shop. ...read more.


"Do not fail, only you to look to." This is the Uncle asking John to come to him and that he is his last hope. It later reads in a second telegram "good shooting, Let John bring gun" this in these days was quite acceptable, but later on the gun is spoke of as a "weapon" causing a different type of suspense and mystery to the scene. When John is travelling to his uncles, they detoured to a farm and stay the night, this was very odd as they could have made journey in the time they had," but Garth Farm House-six miles. There will receive instructions" this was very strange and mysterious. Another mysterious scene within The Clubfooted Grocer is the sailor in the marshes and how William the trap driver reacts, "I could see the stranger sitting by the roadside and cramming tobacco into his pipe. 'A sailor,' said I then when questioning the trap driver 'you seemed frightened of him." A later response was "maybe I was" this is all very mysterious as why is there a sailor so far in land and what has the trap driver got to be scared of from him. ...read more.


Secondly in the Signalman, how often does a bright and well learnt gentleman work in a signal box and is subjected to mysterious goings on with a surjection of a supernatural presence? The characters in the two stories are characteristic of the time, with speech and some other details. In The Clubfooted Grocer, we get a very long description of Johns Uncle, and small detail of him and the sailors and William the trap driver. Such extended detail is typical of much lit. Of the time. In The Signalman, the reader is required to use much more of an imagination, as we do not get much detail on the happenings of the spectre. I would have personally liked too, however I can appreciate that by leaving the story with an almost ambiguous ending the reader is active is deciding on what really happens. In conclusion, I personally found the narrative of the clubfooted grocer to be extremely interesting due to its strange subject matter. Although I found the mystery of Signalman to be more engaging as it left more to the imagination. Both stories left me wondering 'why?' and 'what if?' By Stephen Roth ...read more.

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