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How do the authors make these experiences seem strange and frightening to the reader? Stories:1. 'The red room' H.G. wells.(1896), 2. 'Confession found in a prison'. Charles Dickens.(1842), and 3. 'The Superstitious man's story'. Thomas Hardy.(1891)

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Assignment 2 These stories describe individuals at the mercy of forces beyond their control. Choose three such characters from different stories. Compare their experiences. How do the authors make these experiences seem strange and frightening to the reader? Stories: 1. 'The red room' H.G. wells.(1896) 2. 'Confession found in a prison'. Charles Dickens.(1842) 3. 'The Superstitious man's story'. Thomas Hardy.(1891) The forces involved in story one is fear of entering the red room and the darkness in the room. Also the candles and haunting's in the story are the forces which make the story effective. The 'grotesque custodians' also bring strangeness to this story. The forces involved in story two are the possessions of evil which the narrator has and how he seems to think his counter parts have to. He is mad, deranged and not able to control himself and it simply greed for money and revenge. 'The evil eye' is also a force which the narrator believes is his brother's wife and son possesses. The forces in the story show how the super natural can play an important role in ordinary people's lives showing warnings of peoples deaths. The experiences of the narrator in story one is that he's not afraid of meeting a ghost, but the fear of entering the room. The narrator experiences dislike by the servants with their 'gaunt silences' and their 'unfriendliness' to him and one another. ...read more.


He became wary of her. "I never raised my eye at such times but found her eyes fixed upon me. I never bent them on the ground or locked another way but I felt she overlooked me". This led to happiness when they quarrelled. "It was an inexpressible relief when we quarrelled". After he's brothers wife died the narrator's wife felt she almost supplied the place of a mother to the boy who was attached to her. The narrator began to experience uneasiness with the child, because he thought he had the evil eye as his mother had.he felt he always overlooked him. "I can sacely fix the date when the feeling first came upon me. But I soon began to be uneasy uneasy when this child when he's wife was away from home. After the killing he experiences fear and periods where he doesn't sleep. He just keeps a firm eye on where he buried the child. As it was the fear of getting caught. In which he got caught when he's old friend visiting him from the army passed by. Where he's secret came out when two bloodhound dogs came sniffing around the part where he had buried the child and the dogs started to bark and that led to his old friends finding the bodies and the narrator finally getting caught. ...read more.


Also the use of such as red and black for the 'Red Room'. In this story it is also effective the way the people in the castle act strangely to the narrator and themselves and how they look. In story two the author makes the story interesting to me, by the way the setting of the story has a beginning and an end. It's set in a prison and the narrator is waiting to be hung. Also how he see's 'the evil eye' in his brothers wife and their son and how he has got the evil spirit in him to kill the child. In story three the author makes the story interesting by the way he has used folklore in this story. Country people are closer to their surroundings so this has a good affect upon the story. It is also interesting how superstitions are used. Spirits leaving bodies in another form which makes this story extraordinary. I preferred 'The Red Room', because the author uses various skills to explain a point. It takes us through the stages of what's going on and to the red room. Slowly with good effect. Tension is used to build up the story between the narrator and the servants try to scare the narrator which makes the narrator feel uneasy about going to the room. It makes the reader feel as if we are there with the man. H.G Wells provides small details of what the narrator feels, see's, does, and what happens to him. ...read more.

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