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How do the authors of Chemistry and another story explore relationships?

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English Work - Anthology How do the authors of Chemistry and another story explore relationships? In Chemistry and The End of Something we are told of different relationships and how they get stronger or in some cases break. Both authors use different literacy techniques that bring out the best and worst of the relationships so that we the readers are succumbed to each twist and turn that the characters themselves experience. Both stories start with very descriptive language before starting to explain the personality and relationships of each character. In Chemistry by Graham Swift, the initial family consists of a mother, a young boy and his grandpa. This is a very stable relationship in the beginning considering how the fourth member, the father, died earlier on. The boy is very happy with the relationship and enjoys the company of just the three of them. In The End of Something, by Ernest Hemingway, an American novelist, it is not just a family or people in the relationship but it is a building. The Horton Bay Mill is loved by everyone in the community and is close to everyone's hearts. ...read more.


He thinks he could be capable of violence against him and is afraid he may hit him: "I was often afraid he might hit me". This makes him more apprehensive and this is why he must look out for his granddad because he is vulnerable. The idea of the end of an era leading to a new one is reflected in The End of Something. The Mill has always been a major part of the community in Horton Bay and since it has started to become rundown it has fallen from the spotlight and is no longer looked upon as a landmark in the area. And just as the mill ends to start a new era, so does Marjorie. When Marjorie falls for Nick, she gets someone who has quite a dark side in that he feels he is always right and very intolerant of Marjorie. We see this relationship from start to end and the author uses the characters well to bring the relationship to life. It seems that Marjorie is always trying to be nice and at the start it works well and the couple are getting on well. ...read more.


In Chemistry, the death of the father signifies the end of that relationship and she is immediately on the rebound with Ralph. In The End of Something it is the demise of the mill that ends that "relationship" that Marjorie had that prompts a new relationship with Nick. This seems fine at the start of things but it soon becomes clear that this will not take away the memories of the bond that was always there. In Chemistry, the mother sacrifices her strong bond with her son for the sake of her new lover Ralph. In The End of Something Marjorie forgets her roots for her boyfriend Nick. Both relationships end in upset and it is quite apparent that nothing can replace the bonds they once had with others. The authors take us on these roller coaster rides and we the readers can't help but be caught up in the emotion of each twist and turn. The way in which they portray each argument or each moment of tension forces the reader to feel part of the story and personally, I felt quite close to the characters involved. ?? ?? ?? ?? Luke McGee Mrs. Ludlow 11 Blundell ...read more.

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