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How do the dramatic events and language of Romeo and Juliet show love conquers all?

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'Here's much to do with hate, but more with love' How do the dramatic events and language of Romeo and Juliet show love conquers all? Love and hate both occur many times during the course of the play, love and hate could be addressed as the two main focuses from the play. The play, Romeo and Juliet, is a tragedy but it still could be said that love triumphs over hate by the end of the play. The final scene of the play ends with Romeo killing himself when he finds out Juliet is dead and Juliet waking from sleep and finding Romeo dead. The two families, Montague's and Capulet's, then put an end to their long reigning feud. This is when it could be said that love conquers hate, however this could also be viewed as a 'hollow victory', this describes that although the feud has been put to an end many lives have been lost in the process, including: Romeo, Juliet, Mercutio, Tybalt and Paris. When Juliet and Paris are found dead that is when the first signs of caring between the two feuding families start to emerge, unfortunately for the two families and the whole of Verona they realise that the feud was pointless after so many lives have been lost and even their own children having died. ...read more.


seems to want a peace more than a war between each family although he would like to see this peace at the hands of a Montague victory. Benvolio is seen within the play as a peacemaker, early on during the play Benvolio attempts to stop a fight between the two war waging families, although he successfully does this later on he appears to not be as successful. The Prince acts as the main peacemaker of the play 'Will they not hear? - What ho, you men, you beasts! That quench the fire of your pernicious rage with purple fountains issuing from your veins'. Later on during the play the Prince becomes more forceful at attempting to stop the feud; firstly he threatens to end the life of those who disobey his command to stop the feud whilst secondly he banishes Romeo from Verona to Mantua. The Prince's attitude towards the feud can therefore be summarised by saying that he is wholeheartedly against the fighting that the feud produces and the feud itself, we can assume this from the punishments he threatens, the punishments he gives and the way in which he speaks about his negative view on the feud. ...read more.


All of this in the play is determined by fate and as such it shows how strong fate and chance can be in decision taking. At Romeo and Juliet's first meeting the love felt between them is usually described as love at first sight, this means that as soon as they laid eyes upon each other they fell in love, Shakespeare shows us this by using a sonnet form for the first time Romeo and Juliet meet each other. This use of a sonnet by Shakespeare tells us that these two characters are in love because sonnets written in those days and nowadays are normally associated with a form of love. These lines are so well-known because of many reasons, most noticeably the way in which they are written, the language that is used and the order in which the words are spoken. Another way that makes some of what is said so well-known is the adjectives that Romeo uses, throughout the time Romeo is speaking to Juliet he uses imaginative and creative adjectives, the interaction between Romeo and Juliet here is not only focused on love but is also focused on the word play that they create whilst speaking. ...read more.

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