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How do the filmmakers of `Chicken Run` use presentational devices to show the good and evil in the characters of Ginger and Mrs Tweedy?

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How do the filmmakers of `Chicken Run` use presentational devices to show the good and evil in the characters of Ginger and Mrs Tweedy? In the film `Chicken Run`, there are two main characters - Ginger (the hen) and Mrs Tweedy (the owner of the chicken farm). Ginger is a caring, compassionate leader to the other chickens whereas Mrs tweedy is a firm, hard-hearted leader to everyone including her own husband. The story is about the Chickens escaping the farm and Mrs Tweedy turning the farm into a chicken pie factory. In the end good beats evil, when Ginger & Co escape in a homemade plane and leave Mrs Tweedy in the dust. I am first going to look at the presentational devices used to portray Ginger as a good character. The opening scene of 'Chicken Run' can be compared to the opening scene of 'The Great Escape, the scene is dark and quiet with fences everywhere the camera points. ...read more.


In the scene where Ginger and Rocky are in the pie making machine is at night time, the lighting is quite bright but there is extra light added on Ginger's face to show her anxiety. The music is quick and tense, it builds up and then dies away, and this makes it dramatic and jumpy. In this scene it is the first (and maybe only time) where we see Ginger unsure of what to do as her body language shows us that she is uncertain by spreading her wings and shrugging her shoulders. In the next scene, where Ginger and Rocky are sitting on the roof reflecting on their futures, the lighting is the moonlight highlighting their faces and there are stars out. This helps to create a passionate and romantic atmosphere between Rocky and Ginger. The music in the background is soft, slow and calm, it is a relaxing melody. This makes Ginger seem like a heroine because she is not just a chicken who wants to escape and be free, but she has a loving personality and is not just a brave and bold chicken but also has a romantic side with emotions and feelings for Rocky. ...read more.


It makes her look like an old fashioned school teacher but also adds humour because pink can be classed as a feminine colour but she seems too aggressive to be lady-like. Mrs Tweedy's body language suggests to the audience that she is determined and an example of a 'good villain'. She is baring her teeth like a dog; this is effective because it makes her look like an animal. In conclusion, by using presentational devices it gives clues to the audience rather than just telling them. I have learnt that film makers use presentational devices so that the film is not all obvious, they indicate about what the characters are like by using devices such as characters body language to show the audience whether the characters are good or evil. I have also learnt that a film is not just about characters and the action but it is also about how a film maker uses elements of film language to add effect to the film and to the audience. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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