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How do the makers of Shrek reverse the traditions of a fairy tale?

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GCSE MEDIA COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT The makers of 'Shrek' use presentational devices to reverse the traditions of a fairy tale in its themes, characters and the story line itself. Traditionally, a fairy story in a book would have a King and Queen they would live in a grand castle in a far away land their daughter a princess their only child, would be beautiful. However something happens to her which means that a rescue takes place from a hero a price, who is brave and also handsome they fall in love instantly and the King and Queen are so happy that they agree to the marriage of their daughter to the hero. They all live happily ever after in this traditional take. In 'Shrek' the main character the Ogre is reading a fairy story aloud when he suddenly tears it up saying, "like that's ever going to happen." There are other examples in the film that show how the film-makers reverse the traditions of what the audience expects in a fairy story. ...read more.


unusual way, particularly Shrek's swamp and Lord Farquaad's castle. As an audience, reading or following the traditional tale, we would expect Shrek's swamp to be cold, wet muddy and almost uninhabitable. Instead, Shrek's swamp is on dry land. It is inviting, it has a front door, windows, warmth. "There is a fire, a table and chairs, candles. The things in the house are what humans would have in their homes. He puts a sign, outside his door saying keep out and Shrek says 'I like my privacy'. In the traditional tale, Lord Farquaad's castle would be grand, secure, well-guarded. The villagers and towns folk would be working at traditional crafts. There would be horses and fires burning. Instead in Shrek the castle is big but it isn't secure. There are no guards and visitors are welcomed in a less then traditional manner. Puppets welcome them with singing. The castle has straight lined walls and is very modern in its architecture and it's clean. ...read more.


The dragon herself is silhouetted in red, emphasising the dangers. Lightness and darkness also shows the differences in the charge in characteristics of Princes Fiona. The contrast in her from daylight to night (darkness) is striking. Day time matched her beauty. As sun set darkness removes that and reflects her beauty and change to the Ogress. The film makers use music and sound effects in a similar way to their use of lighting. These add to the overall effect on what the audience see and hear. When Princess Fiona leaving Shrek, the music is sad and melancholy to reflect the characters moods. However in the scene where she attacking Robin Hood and his merry Men - the music charges pace to fit the action. Generally, the music and accompanying actions of the characters reflect mood and setting in the film. Anachronisms are modern ideas used by the film- makers to create a modern and amusing tale. This is, perhaps, the mist noticeable device they use to contrast with the traditional tale. There are other anachronisms in the film which make the modern audience relate to their world. ...read more.

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