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How do the physical characteristics of Miss Havisham and Wemmick reflect their state of mind?

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Great Expectations Essay How do the physical characteristics of Miss Havisham and Wemmick reflect their state of mind? In great expectations the minds of Miss Havisham and Wemmick are portrayed thorough there physical state, and place of residence. Miss Havisham, a wealthy woman with the power to do anything and everything she or anyone else could ever aspire to do, And Wemmick, a man with the means to do anything and everything, are two total opposites. Miss Havisham has so much, and does nothing with it, instead she prefers to let her wealth waste away with her and rot in her 'prison' along with her, Wemmick on the other hand has so little, but makes the most of it nonetheless. Upon Pips arrival at Miss Havisham's house he notices how old and depressing the house was "...Old brick, and dismal..." instantly the reader gets and image of how this house might look, dark, dingy, and emitting a strange sense of foreboding much like Miss Havisham herself. He next notices the abundance of rusty iron bars and widows that had been walled up "......had a great many iron bars to it. ...read more.


the same can be said about miss Havisham ...but instead of brewing beer it could be replaced with giving love, and then she says "not that anyone means to try........that's done with......it will stand as idle as it is until it falls" this means that just as miss Havisham will...it will stand there idle, without a purpose or any means to go on, until the day it falls, or of course in Miss Havisham's case until she dies. "...and the first thing I noticed was that al the passages were dark..." the first thing pip realizes is that all the passages are dark, this could mean that like her house Miss Havisham's mind is full of dark empty passages once light and often used, but now dark and hardly ever used by anyone, including herself, she never things about anything else apart from her wedding day. Pip then goes on to say that there were a candle lighting there way through the dark passages, this could show that Miss Havisham is 'not up to' looking after her huge property, maybe because of her mental state, maybe that's not just there only light through the strange complexed passages of miss Havisham's house, but also the last flicker of miss Havisham's sanity or life. ...read more.


This suggests that something happened on her wedding day that wasn't planned, she could have bin jilted at the alter and after that....time just stopped. In those days it was usually the man who had all the power and money and as soon as they were married the money would immediately belong to the man, if you were rejected or 'stood up' then that would be devastating for the bride, it was one of the most embarrassing things in those days, and considering she was the most powerful and 'well thought of' people of the community the embarrassment would have been overwhelming. Miss Havisham has been trapped in a psychological cycle, she can not get past the moment in her life when she was jilted, and that is the reason why she can not and does not intend to go outside because she feels she would yet again be faced with the pain of the embarrassment. She is also constantly reminded of this by the things that have been left out, the cake, the dress, the veil. More pain, more bitterness, the more harder it is to get over it, it is a continual cycle. ?? ?? ?? ?? Great Expectations Essay Mr Scott By Jordan Dawson Set 1 ...read more.

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