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How do the Pigs seize power and how do they hold on to it?

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How do the Pigs seize power and how do they hold on to it? The pigs were greatly respected after the death of Old Major, mainly because they were all pigs, but also because they were very intelligent. After Old Major's death, there was a lot of secret activity, and this created a divide. It gave the cleverer animals, such as the pigs, a whole new outlook on life. Although none of the animals knew when this rebellion would take place, they still thought it was their duty to prepare for it. `The work of teaching and organizing fell naturally upon the pigs, ` (page 9). This shows us that all of the animals thought the pigs were the cleverest. ...read more.


`You do not imagine that we pigs are doing this in a spirit of selfishness and privilege? (Page 22). Squealer successfully made out that mental work was far more difficult than physical. When there was a power struggle between Snowball and Napoleon over the Windmill, Napoleon used power in the form of dogs to overthrow Snowball, leading to his expulsion from the farm. Using the dogs much to his advantage Napoleon continued to gain power, and protection. `An escort of dogs, who closely surrounded him growled if anyone came too close. ` (Page 47) Having gained control over the farm, the pigs began to use their power by making all animals other than pigs and dogs work like slaves. They then proved how much power they had with the accusations, false confessions and public executions. ...read more.


The animals stupidity allowed Squealer to re-write history. He does this often, but particularly when he accused Snowball of treachery at the Battle of Cowshed. ` It is all written down in the documents we have found. ` (Page 50) On this occasion he uses the fact that they can't read well to invent random things such as Snowballs `secret documents`. The pigs are greatly assisted by Boxer's motto ` Napoleon is always right. ` Boxer is greatly respected amongst the animals because of his devotion to the farm. The pigs really show that they are in control of the farm, when they sell Boxer to the knackers. From the money they made, they buy a crate of whisky on which they get drunk. The pigs use their extreme intelligence and power to corrupt the ideas of animalism. Throughout the book the animals were particularly gullible and dim-witted. If they were cleverer they could've prevented the pigs from seizing power. ...read more.

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