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How do the poets convey their attitudes toward love and loss in the poems 'A Woman To Her Lover' 'First Love' 'Remember' and 'When We Two Parted'?

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NAME OF CANDIDATE: KAMEL AL-HADDAD TITLE OF ASSIGNMENT: HOW DO THE POETS CONVEY THEIR ATTITUDES TOWARDS LOVE AND LOSS IN THE POEMS: 'A WOMAN TO HER LOVER' 'FIRST LOVE' 'REMEMBER' AND 'WHEN WE TWO PARTED'? PURPOSE OF TASK: CONVEY THE POETS ATTITUDES TOWARDS LOVE AND LOSS IN THESE POEMS. DATE OF SUBMISSION: 29/NOV / 2004 STIMULUS MATERIAL: POINTS DONE IN CLASS ON 'WHEN WE TWO PARTED', 'REMEMBER', 'FIRST LOVE' 'A WOMAN TO HER LOVER'. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: FINAL DRAFT Q. How do the poets convey their attitudes toward love and loss in the poems 'A Woman To Her Lover' 'First Love' 'Remember' and 'When We Two Parted'? Ans. Love is a powerful emotion. There are many different kinds of love and it is through different relationships and experiences we get a closer insight of how one feels to love or to lose someone. Love is a wonderful and joyful emotion however if it is not shared with the right partner it may lead to heartache and pain. Knowing that you are needed and loved dearly is an amazing comfort although loosing someone dear to you can cause a lot of distress and pain and can result in someone being very depressed and heart broken. All the poems deal with love and loss in different ways. John Clare in 'First love' narrates the incident when he fell in love for the first time and the pain of it. ...read more.


The first tone shows pain, sorrow, despair and confusion, and in the second there is mellowness and the acceptance of the reality of death. Each poem relates to a different kind of love. In "First love", the so-called 'love' Clare deals with is more of an infatuation since it is merely physical. He falls in love with a woman who is a complete stranger by just looking at her. There is a lot of exaggeration in his poem to explain what sort of drastic impact this woman had on him "my legs refused to walk away", through this line he emphasises on how useless his body had become so much so that he was even unable to move. He also mentions how he was so blinded by love that he had lost his presence of mind, so much so that he was unable to differentiate between night and day, this can be seen in the line "seemed midnight at noonday". The loss here is that he doesn't realise that this cannot be considered as true love since he doesn't even know her and if she would return his feelings. Another aspect of loss that could be brought out is the fact that he doesn't even consider taking any action to make her aware of his feelings towards her. From the line "my heart has left its dwelling place, and can return no more", Clare makes it evident how he has already given his heart to this ...read more.


their dreams they had planned for their future together, "you tell me of our future that you had planned, only remember me; you understand". Though all these poems show intense feelings and all the poems have different aspects of lovers, each poet has managed to convey the aspects of love and loss, and even though one may feel that love has so many drawbacks, I agree with the saying "it is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all", since love is truly a magical feeling and everyone should be able to experience it at least once in a lifetime. Love is not confined it is much deeper than that. Through all these poems I have learnt that love should not be taken for granted and life is very short and your lover's death would be unpredictable and so the most should be made of the time the lovers have together. A lot of sacrifices would have to be made by both lovers in order to endure a 'perfect' relationship. Through my own experience I can proudly say that love has brought me a lot of happiness in my life, where I actually felt it on the inside i.e. the warmth, the passion, the romance etc. and through all these poems I am able to relate to them in different ways which made me aware of many downfalls of love where accordingly I can be emotionally as well as mentally prepared. ...read more.

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