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How do the poets present love in First Love, Remember and When We Two Parted?

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How do the poets present love in First Love, Remember and When We Two Parted "First Love", "When We Two Parted" and "Remember" are said to be some o the greatest poems of their time. These poems were written 200 years ago. These poems are written in the first person from male or female point of view. This is interesting, as society does not expect men to express their feelings of love in an emotional and open way. These entire three poems share the same theme which is love and loss of love, presented in different ways. "First Love" and "When We Two Parted" explore the feelings and the emotions resulting from unrequited love. However "Remember" depicts the act of love as loving and giving. The poet wants the love to continue after death. Many different feelings are described in these poems. "When We Two Parted" and "First Love" are written in the first person from a male point of view and both poems are about unrequited love. ...read more.


He knows that when/if they meet again they will have to retain the secrecy of former times "How shall I greet thee? With silence and tears". On the other hand in "First Love" John Claire describes love as sudden and sweet, "I ne'er was struck before that hour with love so sudden and so sweet." The poet describes different steps which love can cause in physical terms writing on his face "My face turned pale as a deadly pale" and feeling unable to walk "My legs refused to walk". His face suddenly turned red "And then my blood rushed into my face". The experience was so intense that made everything around him seem unreal "And took my sight away the trees and bushes round the place seemed midnight at noonday I could not see a single thing." The poet is lost in the intensity of his emotions and can never recover "My heart has left its dwelling place and can never return." ...read more.


There is no chance of their meeting up again. On the other hand, the relationship between the poet and his lover in "Remember" is a happy one and it will end when one of them is gone, but will leave a very strong effect when their relationship is over The language in "First Love" is simple and uncomplicated vocabulary, which emphasizes the vulnerability of the speaker and the purity of his feelings. There is a rhyme scheme in the poem "When We Two Parted" and alternate lines rhyme throughout the poem, which emphasis how Byron and his lover are now separated. The imagery is cold to describe the effect of lost love "Colder thy kiss." "Remember" consist of line beginning with "Remember me" making the sentence simple and non-complex. The poem is a short sonnet of 14 lines. In the poem "When We Two Parted" the poet describes love as a sudden experience. The poet's love was unrequited and he was left grieving. In "First Love" love is described as sweet, sudden and unrequited. In "Remember" love is described as eternal and unselfish. Stefan Krupez 11H ...read more.

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