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How do the poets present the significance of adults in a childs life in Half Past Two, Piano and my parents kept me from children who were rough?

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How do the poets present the significance of adults in a child's life in 'Half Past Two', 'Piano' and 'my parents kept me from children who were rough'? In all three poems the narrator is recollecting their past with a sense of regret. Even though the adult in the poem try to do what they thought was the best for the child but only managed to hamper the speaker's feeling on his childhood in some way or the other. In the poem, "Piano", written by D.H. Lawrence, the narrator is affected by a person playing a piano. A woman sings softly to him while he reminiscences about his childhood and his near perfect childhood owing to his mother. The speaker in 'Half Past Two' shows how by being punished by his teacher he was allowed to escape into timelessness for a short period after which he is brought back into the "clock filled land". Now that the speaker is an adult he yearns to be free and away from time constraints. In 'My Parents Kept Me From Children Who Were Rough' the speaker recalls his childhood and how he could not be a part of a group due to his parents restriction. The speaker rues his chances of being with the rough children who were always free and suggesting he is never going to be happy about his childhood. ...read more.


This line also shows that he does not like the time constraints imposed by his parents such as "Gettinguptime, Timeyouwereofftime," as an adult now having to live with the restraints of time. The compound words show that he is still a child but is being treated like an adult this is comprehended due to the time adherences that the narrator has to follow. The above lines show that the narrator believes that his parents were too limiting and imposing and did not give him enough free time or were always close to him taking from one time and putting him to another constantly during his childhood. Both poems " Half Past Two" and " piano" show the longing of the narrator to go back to their past to relive incidents in "piano" it is reliving his childhood with his mother and in "Half Past Two" it is experiencing the exceptional feeling of timelessness once again. Therefore the speaker as an adult almost seems to desire to go back into the past and leave the adult world. The moment of timelessness is so rare and fleeting that he thinks it as being other worldly. This can be assumed because the narrator refers to himself as "He" instead of I. Implying that the experience was something different and it was as if the speaker was not present but in place there was someone else. ...read more.


The speaker is left ruing his childhood and this poem shows the very negative impact that his parents have on the speaker. Lastly all three poems illustrate the negative effects that adults play in a child's life. In piano it can be argued that the parent is not at fault but it can also be said that due to her parenting skills her child is left in a mess as he is always been spoon fed and cannot function like a normal adult. In 'Half Past Two' the parent has made their child miserable because of their habit of enforcing time on their child and not allowing him any free time but rather keeping him restricted and very much time bound. In 'My Parents Kept Me From Children Who Were Rough' the parents are imposing and restrictive quite similarly to the ones in 'Half Past Two'. Their enforcing nature nearly ruins the childhood as his dream of joining a group of wild children only remains a dream and in turn these children bully the narrator. The parents in 'Half Past Two' and My Parents Kept Me From Children Who Were Rough' are very contrasting to the mother in Piano as she is very caring and loving and seems to take particular care of her son while in the other two poems the parents are rather strict. Thus it can be concluded that the adults in the poems have hampered their child's adulthood in some way or the other. ...read more.

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