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How do the poets treat the theme of love in the poems you have studied?

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GCSE English Love poetry Coursework How do the poets treat the theme of love in the poems you have studied? By Orla Moore I intend to compare three love poems, comparing dramatic and poetical structure. The two poems that will be compared are "I wanna be yours" by John Cooper Clarke, "The Thickness of Ice" by Liz Loxley and "How do I love thee" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. "I wanna be yours" by John Cooper Clarke, is made up if three stanzas, each ending in the title of the poem, "I wanna be yours". The first two stanzas of the poem follow the same basic poetic structure. The poem presents a more modern, rather than traditional view of love with modern basic equipment, such as "vacuum cleaner", "ford cortina" and "electric heater". The first stanza opens with the words "let me be your vacuum cleaner, breathing in your dust". This metaphor represents the person reciting the poem sucking you into their love. "I will never rust" shows that they will keep the things the same way, and will not change. ...read more.


The metaphor of the poem starts in the second verse when it says "At first we'll be like skaters" referring to the readers as skaters. The poet writes about the skaters testing the ice and edging closer and closer to the centre of the lake. The lake in this case would be their relationship which they are both eager to conquer. The third stanza talks about their love starting to die down and it tells us of how they are not as "anxious to impress" each other anymore and how they are not as in love with each other as the skaters are towards winning gold medals. Instead of about how the relationship is steadily improving the writer writes about how the ice thaws, and the warning signs that the relationship is not working were ignored. The last two verse in the poem talks about how they will meet as "acquaintances" "though secretly we will be enemies" This tells us about how they will react to each other if they pass on the street after their relationship is well over. ...read more.


This ties in with a hint of religion, shown through the mention of "praise" and "faith". The last line, "And if God chooses, I shall but love thee better after death," shows that the poet loves the reader more than life itself, and that their love extends beyond the physical reality of life. These two poems are different in a variety of ways, the main way being the context. The first poem presents a more modern view of love, and the second a more traditional view in the form of a sonnet. I picked these three because they were completely different from each other. The way they contrast is unusual. I like the layout of the poem "I wanna be yours" I think because it is a more modern style poem it appeals to me more than the poem "How do I love thee" I picked it though, because I also liked the layout of "How do I love thee". It is very repetitive and is in this way similar to "I wanna be yours". All the poems provoke a sense of intense love for both the poets and the readers and it is evident that both poets love the reader immensely. ...read more.

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