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How do the poets write about childhood death in 'On my First Sonne' and 'Mid-term break'?

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How do the poets write about childhood death in 'On my First Sonne' and 'Mid-term break'? The death of a child has a great power to move us. In this essay I will be discussing how the poets write about childhood death in 'On my first Sonne' and 'Mid-term break. It would be a far more common event in the 17th Century, when these poems were written, as childhood illness was often fatal. On my First Sonne is written by Ben Jonson. It is an elegy in which the poet expresses his sorrow for the death of his first son. Jonson contrasts his feelings of sorrow with what he thinks he should feel; happiness that his son is in a better place. ...read more.


The poet sees the boy's death as caused by his, not his son's sin, in loving the child too much, an idea that returns at the end of the poem. He sees the boy's life also in terms of a loan from God, which he has had to repay, after seven years, on "the just day". This metaphor expresses the idea that all people really belong to God and are permitted to spend time in this world. At this point the reader becomes very aware of the poet's religion and faith in God and also his ideas of an after life. Jonson tries to argue that it is only fair that his son is returned at God's bidding and that his arrogant plans for the boy's future were the cause of his present sense of loss. ...read more.


This is another religious image in the poem. It comes from the Bible it reflecting ancient cultures and the way Jesus is shown as sitting at God's right hand. The poem contains several old English words such as "thou" and "Sonne".coee eer seeeeew oree eek inee foee ee: In conclusion the 'On my first Sonne' and 'Mid-term break' explore different aspects of childhood death. In 'Mid-term Break' Heaney uses the many ways of morning to portray the effects and pandemonium caused by the death of a child. Whereas, 'On my first Sonne' is more focused on justifying the death and the consequent pain caused by the death of a child. Both of these methods are very effective in helping the reader feel the trauma that the loss of a child can cause. Heidegger theorised deps's marxism theory. ...read more.

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