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How do the poets you have studied approach the theme of love?

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How do the poets you have studied approach the theme of love? Plan-version. Introduction The theme of love can be expresses in many different ways. Each poem that I have studied represents a different aspect of love. The four poems I have studied are Porhyria's Lover and My Last Duchess both written by Robert Browning, First Love by John Clare and To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvel. N.B make comparisons between the poems as you go along such as both characters in the two Browning poems show possessive love. However in PL the lover is possessive about Prophyria and in MLD the Duke shows possessive love for his status and possessions. Porphyria's Lover Briefly explain what the poem is about. ...read more.


He shows jealousy and implies that his last duchess was being unfaithful. He basically admits that he killed her and shows that she was inferior to him when he says... "Who'd stoop to blame This sort of trifling? Even had you skill In speech-(which I have not)-to make your will Quite clear to such an one, and say, 'Just this Or that in you disgusts me; here you miss" He is basically saying that even if I was good with words I wouldn't stoop to the level of his wife. He is above himself, that he is on a golden pedestal and even one else is below him. He believes he can do whatever he wants because he's The Duke of Ferrara! ...read more.


"Had we but enough, and time... But at my back I always hear Times winged chariot hurrying near" Cape Diem-Seize the day! However this is concealed by the way the argument is put across. If they had all the time in the world he would admire this and take 100 years to praise this and that about her. He puts in a double entendre when he says, "Till the conversion of the Jews My vegetable love should grow" By this he means that he will always want to make love with her, not that he will always love vegetables. Explain how he describes time. E.g. Biblically, geographically and relates it to her. Give examples. Conclusion Sum up what you have found out about how the poets discuss love. Compare the different aspects of love and effectively find out and explain the motives for each type of love in the poems. ...read more.

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