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How do the poets you have studied use language and structural choices to affect the readers perceptions of what love is?

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"To his Coy Mistress", By Andrew Marvell, "Sonnet", By Elizabeth Barrett Browning and "Sonnet 138", By William Shakespeare, these group of poems reflect both the negative and positive aspects of love. How do the poets you have studied use language and structural choices to affect the readers perceptions of what love is? The traditional stereotypical view of love poetry is a romantic one. The poetry would have: angels, cupids and cherubs. Many poets have made references to the moon in romantic poetry because it is the symbol of everlasting love and purity. The person that the poem is written about is usually compared to objects that are precious and beautiful, for example: roses, diamonds, stars and rubies. The reader expects the poem to consist of rhyming couplets. The reader also expects the language in a love poem to be romantic and positive. Many poets have made reference to the moon in romantic poetry because it is the symbol of everlasting love and purity. Both Marvel and Shakespeare deal with love as based on lies that help to progress love. Marvel writes about all the positive things that they would do if they had the time: "To walk pass our long love's day. ...read more.


The synthesis is when the poet reveals his solution is to make the most of their lives and give into their desires while they are still young and energetic. "While the youthful hue Sits still on they skin like morning dew, And while thy willing soul transpires At every pore with instant fires," The poet also uses emotions to structure the poem through out the three parts, to show progress of the relationship. The first two stages are about the speaker being separate from his mistress, using words like "I" and "You". At the third stage they unite when he uses words like "us", "our" and "we". On the other hand, "Sonnet 138" by William Shakespeare are structured in similar ways. Both have 14 lines with 10 syllables in each line and have a rhyming pattern. However, the rhyming scheme varies in both of the poems. Moreover, both of these sonnets try and work through solution for a problem. In "Sonnet" by E. B. Browning the poet is trying to explore the different ways to love someone. She begins this with a rhetorical question: "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." ...read more.


Marvel uses features such as lovers walking on a long hot day, he mentions exotic places and precious stones to measure love. He also uses time to measure his love for his mistress. These are all features we would expect to see in love poetry. Furthermore, Browning also adopts the traditional features of love poetry though structure. The repetition of the phrase "I love thee" sounds like a short poem used in a typical valentines card. However the antithesis and synthesis parts of "To His Coy Mistress" and "Sonnet 138" reject the typical features of a love poem and they try to show a more realistic view. "To His Coy Mistress" rejects the traditional view of love by persuading the mistress to love him through the fear of death. The reader may see this as a form of bullying into a relationship; when we really expect to see true love to be based on mutual feelings. "Sonnet 138" rejects the traditional view of love by showing a relationship that is based on lies. We as readers would expect a good relationship to be based on equal truth and honesty. Throughout this group of poems various structural and linguistic techniques have been used to affect the reader's perceptions of love, however they all have a structured conclusion to help the reader form their own opinion. ...read more.

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