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How do the writers present the relationship between parents and children? What issues do they deal with and what do they seem to expose?

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How do the writers present the relationship between parents and children? What issues do they deal with and what do they seem to expose? Introduction ''Pride and Prejudice'' was written by the English author Jane Austen and was published in 1913. In this novel Jane Austen portrays the quiet, day-to-day life of members of the upper middle class. Her works combine romantic comedy with social satire and psychological insight. 'Your Shoes' is set in a modern day society and is written by the Author Michele Roberts. 'Your Shoes' is a poem about a daughter who has run away from home. In this poem the shoes symbolise the narrators daughter, because as long as she can see and fell the shoes then she feels a connection to her daughter. The key theme in both these stories is the theme of parental relationship, as they both differ in social class systems, as with 'Pride and Prejudice' the social class system was well-versed in the intricacies of class behavior. In those days face to face exchange among the elite was not random utterance but virtuoso exercise. Whereas in 'Your Shoes', social class systems are not considered as highly and much more freedom is given, than in the Victorian times. The writer in 'Pride and Prejudice' presents the relationship between the parents and daughter as some what crude, as the mother seems to more interested in marrying off her daughters and materialistic wealth and happiness than her own daughters blissfulness. ...read more.


If you do not know that person you are not automatically considered being lower class. Everybody still has there own opinion of that person, but people still have more free will. There is a better understanding between people today, as they are not as prejudice. In 'Your Shoes' the fathers opinion of the daughter is that she is a dirty slut, "When your father called you a dirty slut he didn't, mean you to take it personally."- Line 94 This comes across to the reader as irony but the appearance of the daughter to the father might have been one of a slut in his eyes, i.e. her dress sense. The daughter in ''Your Shoes'' has freedom to whatever she wants " It was that mob you got in with at school. That Vanessa for instance." - line 74-5, and so the daughters freedom makes the mother believe it is her daughters friends that have caused her to run away. This freedom for the daughter has turned into a rather negative journey because as a result to the daughter's freedom, the daughter could be "sleeping rough God knows where." - line 156 or "could be begging for money to buy a burger or a sandwich." - line 58. This would lead the reader into the question 'Why did she run away from home?' - maybe there were some issues from home that she wanted to be rid of, or maybe the relationship between her parents was just that bad. ...read more.


I thoroughly enjoyed the novel and also enjoyed the twists of how hate turned into love. The characters are portrayed in such a sense that you actually feel as if you are in the novel which makes you think what decisions you would of made. There was not a great deal of comedy in ''Pride and Prejudice'' but if a point was meant to be put across it was done in irony or satire. In 'Your Shoes' I have learnt that freedom can be a positive or a negative journey. I felt as though I sympathised with the mother but also felt that she was also confused as she contradicted herself a lot. This has shown me that insecurity is really needed in life for a person to feel safe and secure, and in 'Your Shoes' the mother feels as if she has no security at all. It addresses the matter of running away, and in away is like a 'think before you act' advertisement/campaign as it clearly shows how the people you leave behind suffer and how their lives are affected due to the fact of your departure. 'Your Shoes' is a story that makes people realise how precious families are. There is no comedy in this story as it is based on a very serious note. I have enjoyed reading this story as it made me think about situations in life. I really enjoyed comparing 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'Your Shoes' and looking at them in a different context. ...read more.

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