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How doe John Steinbeck portray racism in 'Of Mice And Men'

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HOW DOES JOHN STEINBECK PORTRAYAL OF RACISM IN 'OF MICE AND MEN' From the 17th Century, when the first settlers arrived, immigrants dreamed of a better life in America. People went there to escape from discrimination or poverty, and to make a new life for themselves or their families. They dreamed of making their fortunes in the goldfields. For many the dream became a nightmare. The horrors of slavery, of the American Civil War, the growth of towns with slums as bad as those in Europe, and the corruption of the American political system led to many shattered hopes. For the American society as a whole the dream ended with the Wall Street crash of 1929. This was the start of the Great Depression that would affect the whole world during the 1930s. However the dream survived in the hope of individuals. Thousands made their way west to California to escape from their farmlands in the mid-West. George and Lennie dreamt of there 'little house and a couple of acres'. However, between 1929 - 39 there was a general world destine in trade and prosperity. A great deal of money had been spent on the First World War, and countries found themselves in debt. Lots of American lost their jobs. They joined bands of wandering farmers, looking for work. The farm owners of California found that they could pay very low wages, and expect men to work for long hours, as the demand for work was so great. ...read more.


Nobody got no rights in here but me'! Crooks says all of this because he is not really happy with lennies presents in the room. As lennie stays longer and longer he starts to find out that lennie is dumb and crooks thinks to him self that he has got the upper hand on lennie. Crooks for the first time has got power over someone and that's a white man. Then lennie gets up and says to crooks 'why are you not liked on the ranch' and crooks replys by saying 'its just because I'm BLACK! Crooks means by this quote that the white men on the ranch do not like him. And also crooks has got nobody to talk to because crooks is the only " nigger " on the ranch. Then lennie quickly changes the subject and starts talking about the dream him and George have got. But all crooks thinks is hes " crazy ". He thinks this because he thinks that lennie doesn't know what he is talking about. Crooks taunts lennie thaat George is not going to come back. And crooks also says he might even get hurt. After crooks has said that " crooks face lightened up with pleasure in his torture. After crooks has said lennie quickly gets to hes feet and says " nothing is going to happen to come George he si going to come back safe". ...read more.


Curley's wife, the attention seeker always flirts with other prople on the ranch because her husband is always at the cathouse or out and about. And is never at home to care about her. Curley's wife is one of the most powerful people in the hireachy because she is married to the boses son. She tries to have some comfort with other people. This is because her husband takes no notice of her apart from the sex. She is used for an object of sex. When crooks reailses that his chances of being in the dream looked very slim and he crawled back defeated because he can't say anything to Curley's wife at all because she has got all the power. She can get him hung from a tree so easy, she can jus say that he waz flirting with me and that's it he would get hung. If that was a white person being prosequted they would give him a trial and would be taken to court but just because he is black they would just get him hung without any proof he did it or not. Going back to the initial question, I think that john Steinbeck doesn't throw the thought of 'racism' in our face. He just hints of the idea and makes do the rest of the thinking. This is proved whenthe worker calls him a 'nigger' and also a 'nice fella'. We had do some thinking to find out that the word 'nigger is used so much that the workers don't even think of what the word means. ...read more.

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