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How does act one set up audience expectations

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How does act one set up audience expectations For the rest of the play? In this essay I will discuss how Arthur Miller set out the first scene of the play, 'The Crucible' to prepare the audience for what the play is about, and how well he did this. I will look at the dramatic devices, language etc. The play 'The Crucible' has strong links with the USA in the 1950's when communism was a problem. The name of the play creates parallels between Salem 1692 and the USA 1950s. A definition of crucible can be, "used to extract impurities" this is related Salem 1692 because the judges and townsfolk were trying to purify the village from witches whilst Joseph McCarthy was trying to purify the USA of communists. People's views and opinions have not changed since the 1600s and people believe only one way is right, communists and witches are both evil and therefore should be rid of, this is what miller is trying to portray about the world. No-one gets a chance to prove themselves or prove they are good and mean no harm. If you are a witch or a communist you are evil and it's not acceptable therefore the only thing to do it get rid of them. ...read more.


out of, screaming "mama", and this shows hysteria in the play, it is obvious to the audience that introducing themes of witchcraft will cause hysteria. "Uncle, themes of witchcraft are all about", all the rumours of witchcraft could have calmed down if Abigail hadn't said Betty had fainted, which is a blatant lie because she didn't know Ruth had apparently 'fainted' as well. "We did dance uncle", a bad mistake by Abigail, letting Parris know he was right he was right and therefore giving him more to suspect about witchcraft, "and when you leapt out of the bush so suddenly, Betty was frightened and then she fainted". The overture is mainly to describe the setting, the date the scenery and the surroundings to influence the way the audience feels, for example, if the weather is rainy and dull, the audience would feel differently about the scene than if the weather is sunny etc. miller specifically states "morning sunlight streams" to let the audience know it is morning, and sunny outside, it creates almost an image that nothing bad would happen, because bad weather implies bad things, and good weather means good things, so the audience has nothing to suspect. His overtures slightly intrude the play and the themes because he writes them so detailed and long, he makes sure the description he uses is adequate to ensure the play doesn't get interpreted in any other way. ...read more.


When she realised Proctor doesn't want to be with her she begins to get angry as in the directors notes it says "now beginning with anger-she can't believe it". Abigail gets angry when she realises Proctor doesn't want her back but yet she's still in love with him, but he says "ill cut off my hand before ill ever reach for you again this shows he never wants her back and that is why she flips and in the directors notes it says "with a flash or anger" this shows that she changes her strategy when the knows her strategy isn't working, this also shows how manipulative Abigail is, this makes the readers doubt that she's truthful, she is manipulative so therefore is more likely to lie. Some of the stage directions for the play are quite vague, they however manage to depict the characters expressions and emotions with the actions described, they are not as frequent as they could be, but where they are, they are very detailed and give meaning to Millers voice. One of the first stage directions is that "the room gives an air of clean spareness," this could mean many different things but the play is based on the purification of Salem and the witches, so the quote must describe the obsession with purity in the village and cleanliness in the village. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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