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How does Animal Farm work on three levels?

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'And so, Almost before they knew what was happening the rebellion had been successfully carried through, Jones was expelled and the Manor Farm was theirs.' In 1943 George Orwell wrote the classic novel, Animal Farm, a fairy story. The reason it is appreciated so much is because of the amount of depth Orwell has worked into it. For those young of age, and those who cannot grasp much more, it is a brilliant fable in itself. To those who enjoy history it is an excellent rendition of the Russian revolution. The last but by no means least level is a warning to all who read and comprehend about the dangers of a totalitarian regime. The aim of this essay is to prove that the book does indeed work on all 3 levels. ...read more.


Another example is the building of the windmill, a major undertaking, coinciding with the industrialisation of Russia and the five year plans, which eventually failed. Orwell chose the Russian revolution as a base as it was a prime example of how all facets of life can be changed to benefit a privileged few. This is shown in the superiority of the pigs in the story and the easier living of high party members in the U.S.S.R. Taking this into consideration, Yes, Animal Farm does work on the second, historical level. The Third and most complicated and difficult to comprehend is the warning of the dangers of all and any totalitarian regimes. Many such regimes have arisen over time, led by charismatic and oppressive leaders such as Adolph Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot and he who was the basis of the character Napoleon, Joseph Stalin. ...read more.


This is important in totalitarian regimes, and many would fail if not for this changing of facts and total lack of freedom for the individual. Thus, with Orwell revealing the inner workings of a totalitarian regime the novel effectively warns against the danger of power being in the hands of a few. There-fore the novel works on the third and final level. As discussed in the previous paragraphs the novel does indeed work on all three levels. This fact is one of many that have earned this book such international acclaim and may also contribute to the growing consensus that George Orwell is one of 'The few memorable writers of his generation,' For another sample of the dangers of totalitarian government the book, 1984, also by George Orwell, should be read. Based on a dismal future in which freedom has long gone and all are at the mercy of Big Brother. 696 words Brad Fuhrmann ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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