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How Does Arthur Miller Create Tension in a View from the Bridge

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How Does Arthur Miller Create Tension in A View from the Bridge? In this essay I will be answering the question "How does Arthur Miller create tension in A View from the Bridge." The play was written by Arthur Miller in 1955 when it was a one act play, it was first performed in a comedy theatre in London, and it was the later re-written as an extended two act play. The play is about Eddie and Beatrice Carbone and their orphaned niece Catherine, an Italian family living in America, their cousins then come to live with them illegally. Rodolpho one of the cousins starts going out with Catherine. But Eddie is not happy about this, Catherine and Rodolpho then get married, which makes Eddie very angry, Eddie is murdered by Marco the other cousin. There is tension throughout the whole play and it gradually builds until the end. Arthur Miller creates tension in many ways throughout "A View from the Bridge", The main way tension is created is through the use of Alfieri, who acts like a Greek chorus. ...read more.


You've done your job now it's her life." This raises tension because Eddie becomes more and more frustrated as he is told there is nothing he can do. Arthur Miller also uses Eddie's relationship with Catherine and Beatrice to build tension. Firstly Eddie doesn't want Catherine to get a job but she does anyway. "What job? She's gonna finish school." This creates tension because it shows the conflict between Eddie and Catherine and how Eddie is losing power and respect. Catherine later tells Eddie that she wants to marry Rodolpho, so Eddie tells her that Rodolpho only wants to marry her to become an American citizen. "He marries you he's got the right to be an American citizen that's what's going on." This builds a great deal of tension because it shows how much Eddie dislikes Rodolpho and thinks he's only after a green card. Catherine then goes against his advice and decides to marry Rodolpho, Eddie reacts badly to these challenges to his authority by firstly going to Alfieri who is a lawyer and sees there is nothing he can do so he resorts back to the Italian way. ...read more.


He shows how at the beginning of the play Eddie had Italian values and a the play progresses he turns towards American values by going to see a lawyer and the back to Italian and gets himself killed. This Essay shows how Arthur Miller creates tension in a variety of ways, through the use of Alfieri, Eddie's relationship with Catherine and Beatrice, the arrival of the cousins, dramatic devices, and cultural conflicts. I have found that the role of Alfieri was very effective at creating tension because he was used as a narrator by introducing the play, like a Greek chorus by telling us when something bad will happen, he is also used as a character in the play. I also found the use of dramatic devices very tense, the ending was very tense and effective because it showed the audience how Eddie has changed throughout the play and finally how he resorts in trying to kill Marco but his plan goes wrong and he ends up dead. Overall I found the play very tense and interesting throughout. ?? ?? ?? ?? Vas Panayi Page 1 15/12/2008 ...read more.

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