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How does Arthur Miller develop our understanding of the experiences of the characters in Act One of ‘A View From The Bridge’?

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How does Arthur Miller develop our understanding of the experiences of the characters in Act One of 'A View From The Bridge'? In the play 'A View From The Bridge' By Arthur Miller he try's to create a realistic social setting to help us understand the play more. In the play there are five main characters Eddie, Beatrice, Catherine, Rodolpho and Marco. I will look at various aspects of the play to try and create a better understanding of it. The social setting in this play is that people in the community don't trust each other with anything that is to do with family. Family is very important to everybody in the community, much more important than friends. The people in the community are familiar with the law and have a past with it. The people lead a relatively simple life and Arthur Miller helps to get this point across by having a simple set and having a simple technique for changing location. The play draws a lot on the past of Sicily, things like people fearing and not trusting the law. Shown by this quote on pg12 during Alfieri's first speech. "You see how uneasily they nod to me? That's because I'm a lawyer." Also the tight family bonds that were in the past of Sicily. ...read more.


Part of the reason for this is the characters inability express their emotions and to communicate with each other. Because of this inability, anything that is troubling them or if they have a problem is just bottled up inside them and creates even more tensions within the small family environment. When Rodolpho and Marco arrive as well, the tensions that were already there are amplified and new tensions appear because of them. Another reason why all of these tensions develop is hat the characters in the play don't know how to speak for themselves. Even with all of these tensions already there more of them develop when Rodolpho and Marco stay at Eddies place. Probably the biggest tension within the group is between Eddie and Rodolpho. Eddie thinks that Rodolpho is only going out with Catherine to get his papers so that he can live in America. "Katie, he's only bowin' to his passport." This isn't the only thing that worries Eddie about Rodolpho. Eddie also thinks that Rodolpho is gay. "If you came in the house and you didn't know who was singin, you wouldn't be looking for him, you'd be looking for her." There's also a tension between Beatrice and Catherine as Beatrice feels that Catherine should stop acting like such a child around Eddie. ...read more.


an inability to fully convey his emotions to others and feels that he has to hide them. Without this stage direction we would not have known what he was feeling. The stage directions help to show the emotion that the character has, whether they are happy, sad, angry ect. The stage directions also help to determine the atmosphere of the scene. The use of stage directions adds more depth to the characters by knowing how they act and are thinking instead of what they are saying. "[He has bent the rolled paper and it suddenly tears in two]" If it weren't for the stage directions we wouldn't have known how frustrated/angry that Eddie was and the boxing lesson that was about to follow wouldn't have been as effective. When looking at this play I have found that Arthur Miller has tried to put the play together in such a way to make it appeal to a wide audience. The similarities to a Greek Tragedy make the play more enjoyable to read and the use of stage directions play a big part in the play whether it comes to simply showing what the character is doing or if it is revealing a hidden emotion. All of this combined helps us to understand the experiences of the characters in Act One of 'A View From The Bridge'. 1,396 Words Sam Ring 10S Page 1 of 4 ...read more.

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