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How does Arthur Miller present Eddie in A View From A Bridge

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How does Arthur Miller Present Eddie in "A View From A Bridge"? - Was Eddie to Blame for his own Death? Eddie Carbone is the main character in the play "A View From A Bridge" and I the character that I will talk about in the rest of this essay. The role of Eddie is very complicated, it is of an Italian American longshoreman who is ageing, with a loving wife and a beautiful niece, Catherine; but in his eyes that niece began to seem a little too beautiful. Fear begins to creep up on Eddie as he sees Catherine growing further and further away from him. This sense of loss triggers a large amount of lust in Eddie that caused him to react in the way he did. Relations between everyone and Eddie worsened when his wife's (Beatrice) cousins, Marco and Rodolfo illegally entered US borders and hid in Eddies house. The younger cousin, Rodolfo and Catherine soon became infatuated, creating extreme envy in the eyes of Eddie. Due to this Eddie resorted to calling the immigration and taking away the cousins. Conditions exacerbated when Rodolfo married Catherine to stay in the country, and Marco was taken away and threatened to kill Eddie. ...read more.


Lights rise on the street. In a moment Eddie appears. He is unsteady, drunk. He mounts the stairs. He enters the apartment, looks round, takes out a bottle from one pocket, puts it on the table. Then another from another pocket, and a third from an inside pocket. He sees the pattern and cloth, goes over to it and touches it, and turns toward upstage. Eddie - Beatrice? (He goes to the open kitchen door and looks in.) Beatrice? Beatrice? Catherine enters from bedroom; under his gaze she adjust her dress Catherine - you got home early. Eddie - knocked of for Christmas early. (Indicating the pattern) Rodolfo makin' you a dress? Catherine - no. I'm makin' a blouse. Rodolfo appears in the bedroom doorway. Eddie sees him and his arm jerks slightly in shock. Rodolfo nods to him testingly." : at this point, Eddie has turned fear of losing Catherine into hate of Rodolfo and Catherine's actions. This causes the following part of the same passage to occur: "Eddie - you ain't goin' nowheres. Catherine - Eddie, I'm not gonna be a baby any more! You - He reaches out suddenly, draws her to him, and as she strives to free herself he kisses her on the mouth" : This was the spark that, I think, was what all of the tension build-up in the previous pages was for. ...read more.


Killed by Marco - that was not surprising, Eddie phoned up the immigration people and told about him. This meant that Marco couldn't feed his sick family, or see America. This was motive enough for anyone to kill Eddie, but then he went and almost ruined his little brother, Rodolfo's chance of finding happiness. I think if he hadn't been so short with Beatrice, and gave her the TLC she needed, she may have defended him further - after all they are her family. If he had questioned the loss of his power over Catherine, it would not have pushed him to fall in love with her, and would not have cause any problems with Rodolfo. If he had no problems with Rodolfo, Marco would have no problems with Eddie and therefore Eddie would not have died and Marco would be able to stay and feed his family. It is this whole chain reaction that cause the tragedies to occur in eddies life and everyone who knew him - and this whole chain reaction was started by Eddie himself, isn't that ironic? So my answer to my title is yes, for all the reasons mentioned throughout this essay. ?? ?? ?? ?? Meetul Mehta A View From A Bridge Ms. Wright Centre Number: 13337 Candidate Number: 2113 GCSE English ...read more.

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