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How does Arthur miller show Abigails character in The Crucible.

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Crucible Throughout act one Abigail is the only character that is omnipresent. At first she seems to be an innocent child however it soon changes. As the play goes on we learn that Abigail is manipulative and cunning to get her own way. In addition she does this to persuade her uncle that she is innocent, and she has nothing to do with Betty or witch craft. Therefore the audience are confused and don't know how to respond to her. Abigail behaves differently with different characters, with John Proctor she is more open and every emotional also he is her weakness; he makes her feel loved but not the way Abigail thinks or wants. ...read more.


This shows she can expose her true self and does not seem as strong and powerful by this the audience realise that she is not the leading power as it seems to the other girls, however she has a different side to her. Furthermore, this damages the opinion of the audience in the later play as she accuses people including John proctors wife, Elizabeth Proctor. Arthur miller uses short sentences to show Abigail's innocence. Short sentences in the crucible are dramatic. This quotation has dramatic affects "I'm a good girl I'm a proper girl". This quotation also has a repetition of the word "girl" which also shows Abigail's innocence. Abigail is presented as a very manipulative character. "Smack's her across the face." ...read more.


However do not eternally believe this statement as she is already lying in the play about the previous night. Moreover she uses these statements to scare the other girls. Arthur miller relates to his messages and ideas about America through Abigail in a few different ways. Firstly by the themes like religion "You loved me John proctor, and whatever sin it is you love me yet". The word she has repeated "love" shows that she is pleading and asking in desperation for John proctor's company. This shows the audience that she may need him as she is lonely. However it's not just Abigail that he shows his message through. It's also Hale who stands for Senator McCarthy. In conclusion Arthur miller shows Abigail's character as a desperate and emotional. She is also a manipulative person. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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