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How does Bram Stoker convey Jonathan Harkers rising fear and suspicion of Dracula in chapter two of the novel?

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How does Bram Stoker convey Jonathan Harker's rising fear and suspicion of Dracula in chapter two of the novel? In this assignment I will be focusing on Jonathon Harker's rising fear and suspicion of Dracula chapter two of the horrific novel. I will be analysing his fears and suspicions of Dracula through Jonathan Harker's chilling descriptions of the settings of the terrifying castle, the reader's introduction to Dracula, Jonathan Harker's physical description of Dracula and Jonathan Harker's reflections on his first evening in Dracula's house. The Oxford School Dictionary defines 'fear' as 'an emotion caused by impending danger or evil' and 'suspicion' as 'partial or unconfirmed belief'. Jonathan Harker opens chapter two with the settings of the castle : 'great door' by saying this Jonathan Harker is referring to the extraordinary size of the door which he may have not encountered before in his life in addition to that Harker may also feel intimidated by the door. Harker also says 'old and studded with large iron nails' by saying the great door is old he is implying the fact that the castle has been there for an extremely long time. In addition to that Harker says 'studded with large iron nails'. Here Harker is portraying a painful action and also by using the word 'studded' Harker may also fear whether he would be hurt whilst his stay in the daunting castle. ...read more.


Jonathan Harker also says that the moustache was 'rather cruel looking' here Jonathan Harker is implying that the moustache is not very pleasant to look at and Jonathan Harker could wonder who this strange figure is. Jonathan Harker also refers to Dracula's 'peculiar sharp white teeth' Jonathan Harker uses the word 'peculiar' as he has never seen teeth look like them before and it is quite strange for a human being to have them also Jonathan Harker refers to them as being 'white' this implies Dracula looks after his teeth . Jonathan Harker could also fear that they may be used to bite him and that he has sharp teeth to eat other animals or humans. Jonathan Harker also refers to Dracula's teeth being 'protruded over his lips' by referring to this Jonathan Harker could be suspicious of his teeth as he does not look human. Jonathan Harker also refer to the 'remarkable ruddiness' on his lips Jonathan Harker is implying that Draculas lips are tinged like a bloody red colour and red is often used as a symbol of danger. Jonathan Harker also describes Dracula as having 'astonishing vitality in man of his years' here Jonathan Harker is implying even though some of his features are pale and old his lips give him a bit of life and show more colour about him. Jonathan Harker describes more of Dracula's appearance he starts off by saying 'he's ears were pale' Jonathan Harker is suggesting that Dracula does not go ...read more.


I think Dracula does need to be feared as Jonathan Harker experiences, when Dracula physically touches Harker he says 'I could not repress a shudder', this suggests that as Dracula touches Harker he instantly feels fear and he quivers. This shows to the reader just how much fear Jonathan Harker has for Dracula that just as Dracula touches him he shudders in terror and also because of Draculas home and his physical features such as his long nails and his sharp white teeth this also creates more fear on Dracula's character. I think as a character Jonathan Harker is quite fearful because his descriptions of Dracula and his castle have always been negative and intimidating. He is also so petrified that he does not want confess to himself what he has witnessed that evening because he fears it may all be true it is almost as if Jonathan Harker does not want to face up to his problems instead wants to 'bury his head in the sand' like nothing has happened. This gives the impression to the reader that Jonathan Harker is not a hard person. Also after his first evening in the company of Dracula, Harker as a last resort brings in a religious element into the text as he fears for his life even though Dracula has not done anything to him, and he also demands God's help. As he asks for God's help Harker uses an excuse for God to save him for those dear to him. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mohammed Hoque 11R (English Coursework) Mohammed Hoque 11R (English Coursework) ...read more.

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