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How does Bront acquire the reader(TM)s sympathy for Jane as a victim of childhood injustice?

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How does Bront� acquire the reader's sympathy for Jane as a victim of childhood injustice? Jane Eyre was published in 1847 by Charlotte Bront�. She was born on the 21st April, 1816 in Yorkshire, England. She outlived four sisters, one brother and she was the third to be born in her family. At the tender age of 8 in August 1824 she was sent to a charitable school called Cowan Bridge in Lancashire which she would describe as Lowood School in Jane Eyre. Jane Eyre is semi-autobiographical as some events in the novel were influenced by her life. Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens was written about 10 years before Jane Eyre. In the 1800's there was lots of child labour in factories as children as young as six years old during the industrial revolution worked up to 19 hours a day at times, with a one-hour break. Not only were these children subject to long hours, but also they were in horrible conditions. Many accidents occurred injuring or killing children on the job. The treatment of children in factories was often cruel and unusual, and the children's safety was generally neglected. ...read more.


The audience gets the feeling that he is pampered by his mother when Jane tells us that 'he gorged himself habitually at the table which made him bilious, and gave him a dim and bleared eye and flabby cheeks.' This shows Jane and her cousin had a strong antipathy towards each other and as a result she describes him in a horrible and ugly way. This also tells the reader that she stands up for herself and what she believes in. She has a feminist voice. Bront� can seem to be a feminist. Jane is attacked by her cousin as shown when Bront� tells us; '... every morsel of flesh trickled down when he came near' and 'I felt a drop or two of blood from my head trickle down my neck.' This proves Johns bullying character and how he abuses and doesn't like Jane. Bront� also does this to her Aunt Reed although she describes her in a masculine way to make us hate her. This is shown when she tells us she has a 'composed grey eye', large face...', 'large chin and prominent' and 'square shouldered and square limbed.' ...read more.


She uses her personal experiences in her life and incorporates them into her novel as Jane's personal experiences. I believe Jane Eyre is a very independent and strong woman. Women were taught to be silent and quiet in the 19th century but in contrast to that Jane stands up for herself and what she believes is right. Her character has a lot of confidence and power, even to stand up to the ones who treat her badly. Despite the fact it was also frowned upon for young ladies to be so outspoken in the Victorian Era she does speaks for herself very well. Therefore Jane Eyre is a great role model to females in the modern day. I think Bront� did an effective job of acquiring the audience's sympathy by targeting out the good and bad characters by giving them individuals descriptions which made the reader automatically see whether the character is to be liked or not. Personally, I would feel very sympathetic toward Jane and the life she has been led to live so, I believe that Bront� has definitely sent out a message towards all the reader and her way of getting through to the reader was very efficient. JRR. ?? ?? ?? ?? 17/05/09 ...read more.

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