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How does Bronte use language and setting to create atmosphere and to establish main characters and what gothic elements can you find

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How does Bronte use language and setting to create atmosphere and to establish main characters and what gothic elements can you find Between pages 15 and 18 there are identifiable ways in which 'Bronte' uses 'language and setting' to establish the characters and create a distinguishable atmosphere. In this essay, themes, genres and styles will be discussed to show how 'Bronte' establishes the characters; there will also be a discussion of the 'gothic' elements which Wuthering Heights contains. Many people would argue that the style of 'Wuthering Heights' is peculiar and complex, the power of Wuthering Heights owes much to its complex narrative structure and to the device of having two conventional people relate a very unconventional tale. Bronte importantly introduces the element of 'the supernatural' into chapter 3 which is an important technique as it grips the reader. Lockwood has come into contact with the ghost of Cathy, who died 18 years before, Some might argue that she is a product of Lockwood's imagination, and it is clear that Bronte has presented these facts in this way so that the reader can make up their own mind on the subject. ...read more.


was a subtle cause to his dream, although it is said, "merely the branch of a fir-tree that touched my lattice" was the cause. Another important quote in chapter 3 that some might notice is when Lockwood narrates from his dream, 'I could never get into the house without one' this quote shows considerable details about the style because this relates to Lockwood being an outsider because he does not live at 'Wuthering heights'. Wuthering heights has been argued to be in more than one genre, but there are factors which show it contains elements of 'gothic' nature, for example, there is a supernatural presence within the 3rd chapter especially when Lockwood is involved with Catherine. An important factor some might feel is that in Lockwood's first dream when 'Jabe Branderham' is preaching, he stands up to 'Jabe Branderham' and speaks his mind. It is possible to think that because he has been 'put down and ridiculed' by many of the people living at Wuthering heights, he is taking out his revenge on the ...read more.


and Thrushcross grange' because we can tell that 'Isabella and Edgar' are childish and cry whereas 'Heathcliff and Catherine' are hardened by their blows by 'Hindley and Earnshaw'. In conclusion, 'Wuthering heights' contains many gothic elements (i.e. the supernatural) during the dream with Catherine's ghost among other elements which are held within the novel. But more importantly language and setting is used to create an atmosphere which is relevant to the character and also establishes them as well. 'Heathcliff and Catherine' are arguably the two most essential characters in the book and their characters are shown by the descriptions and tone of the language, for example there is a contrast as 'Heathcliff' is a dark character with black hair, large eyebrows and dirty fingers, compared to Catherine who has pristine whitened fingers'. All and all if 'chapter 3' is thoroughly analysed, there will be many clues foreboding 'Bronte's' views and many techniques of writing style showing tone surrounding the characters, for example Lockwood is surrounded by dark atmosphere. ?? ?? ?? ?? Charlie Holden ...read more.

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