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How Does Charles Dickens Create Characters That Are Both Memorable And Striking? Refer To At Least Three Children From The Novel.

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I have been studying the life of Charles Dickens and the times of the Victorian era that began with the coronation of Queen Victoria. Charles Dickens was born on February 7, 1812 in Portsmouth. His parents were John and Elizabeth Dickens. Charles was the second of their eight children; he later left school at the age of twelve because his father ran up a big debt which he could not pay. His father John Dickens got thrown into Marshalsea prison and he remained in jail until the debt was paid off, this meant Charles Dickens had to work in a blacking factory making shoe polish. Children working at the blacking factory had to clean machines this meant the children could have got crushed so it was very dangerous for Charles Dickens to work in that factory. Charles Dickens at the age of 16 was able to leave his family; he hated his parents very much, many heroes in his novels are orphans or characters who have been a victim of what he has experienced or what he has seen, "Oliver Twist" a book involving the brutality of poor laws, vice and crime in the London underworld and "Hard Times" is another book about the treatment people got working in factories these are examples of what he has seen and what he has experienced .Then later on in that year he became a clerk of an attorney in a law firm. Charles Dickens in 1831 became a journalist; most of his job was attending law courts where he became known for his quick and accurate courtroom reporting, he then got interested in social injustice / treatment of the poor; he thought this was rubbish and that there were loads of hangings happening for little petty crimes. Charles Dickens began his career by writing short stories "Sketches By Boz" in 1836 and some of his other stories were released in chapters in a popular magazine which was out every month or week "Oliver Twist" released ...read more.


The unpredictable things she did were when she got frozen in time. "Her watch had stopped at twenty minutes to nine" this was the time when a message that she received told her that she was jilted. Another example of Miss Havisham frozen in time was when she nearly had all her wedding clothes on but only had one shoe on and she didn't put the other shoe on because at that moment was got the message that she was jilted and from that moment on she never changed her clothes or put the other shoe on "she had but one shoe on and her veil was half arranged". When Pip first saw Miss Havisham he tells us how he feels about Miss Havisham and her figure. "Some ghastly waxwork at the fair" this suggests she is more like a wax work figure than a human figure. He is also scared to look in her eyes; he thinks she might cast a spell on him "Avoiding her eyes" The background of Miss Havisham is quite eventful. She was jilted on her wedding day, she stopped the clocks, and she never changed her clothes and lived her life in a dark mansion with the entire curtains drawn. When she was jilted she vowed to hate and destroy every man's life if it was possible, she started off with adopting Estella and training her up to hate and use men or boys, Estella was a weapon to Miss Havisham to use to achieve all revenge on men. Estella's first victim was Pip. Miss Havisham paid Pip's Sister Mrs Joe Gargery to let Pip play with Estella, Estella then used him and bullied him while flaunting her beauty he was used like a lab rat to test out Estella's ways "She denounced me for a stupid, clumsy labouring- boy". Miss Havisham also has members of the Pocket family visiting her every year on her birthday to make sure if she is alive or whether they can get there inheritance. ...read more.


Her shoes were white. And she had a long veil dependant from her hair, and she had bridal flowers in her hair, but her hair was white", he also makes the characters do unpredictable things like Miss Havisham wearing half her wedding clothes sitting with the curtains drawn for many years or when Magwitch ends up giving all his money to Pip , in the real world a convict might have killed Pip or maybe would not even think about redeeming himself by doing all the things he did; admitting to Mr Joe Gargery that he stole the file and food this got Pip out of trouble . Charles Dickens gives you the power to read on to find the answer to many questions for example; who is giving the money to Pip and is Pip going to end up with Estella? Charles Dickens also uses the surroundings to show the genuineness of each character; for instance we see Magwitch at the churchyard and the marshes; the setting is fearful and bitter and so is Magwitch the way that he acts towards Pip. Miss Havisham in her house, all dark, old and all the food and decorations rotting away just like Miss Havisham herself day by day. The way Charles Dickens describes the settings reflects the characters feelings, this is what makes it such an effective opening. The settings of where each scene is set and the actions that happen there, echo what the characters are feelings. Last of all, the appearances, the scary behaviour and the redemption of Magwitch and Miss Havisham and of Pip as an empathetic character all make the characters memorable and striking while they are also vivid and unforgettable, making it a realistic novel with a real impact on the reader. ?? ?? ?? ?? How Does Charles Dickens Create Characters That Are Both Memorable And Striking? Refer To At Least Three Children From The Novel. Aadil Hussain 10C ~ 1 ~ ...read more.

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