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How does Charles Dickens create interesting characters and through them raise, interesting themes?

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Charles Dickens "Great Expectations" Coursework How does Charles Dickens create interesting characters and through them raise, interesting themes? Introduction In my essay my essay I am going to be exploring what techniques Charles Dickens uses to create characters and themes raised through them. The three main characters I will be focussing on in my essay will be: Pip, Miss's Havisham and Estella. I will be exploring how these three characters are used my Dickens for the development of interesting themes throughout the book. Dickens has created Pip as the key character in great expectations. Pip is the narrative voice in the novel telling he's life story. Pip originally started of being a nice kind hearted young boy as seen at the start of the novel in which he helps the convict "Magwitch" by giving him some food and the file. Dickens has also shown Pip as being rather gullible also, this is shown by Dickens in a variety of ways for example when Pip believes that a horrible man will tear his liver out whilst he sleeps unless he does as he has been told. Pips gullibility is used by Dickens to raise the key theme in the novel "Pips love and obsession for Estella". Pip is immediately sucked in by the charms of Estella from the moment he meets her at Miss Havishams house. ...read more.


Miss's Havisham hates all men due to the expense of one man standing her up on there wedding day which left Miss Havisham with a broken heart. Miss Havisham was unable to recover from this incident and found it incredibly hard to move on from that day and remained in the wedding dress she was stood up in ever since and remained surrounded in decaying food which had been left from her wedding day, Pip states "she was dressed in rich materials- satins and lace and silks- all of white, her shoes were white. And she had a long white veil dependent from her hair, and she had bridal flowers in her hair, but her hair was white." Through her bad experience in men she seeks revenge in all men and uses Estella as her 'tool' (q). Miss Havisham wants all men to be unhappy and unsatisfied with there lives just like she has and Pip happens to be the most convenient one (man). In the end Miss Havisham actually feels guilty for what she had done to Estella and Pip and realises she has created a mess of her self, making Estella into a heartless horrible cunning young lady and also turning Pip into a horrible snobbish man through the efforts of trying to be a gentleman for Estella and cry's "what have I done" repeatedly and shouts to Estella (q) ...read more.


The most Interesting character to me created by Dickens was Miss's Havisham because what makes a person interesting is when a person does something unusual. If some one does everything normally its not interesting because there is nothing unique to talk about. Miss's Havisham is unusual because she chooses to live in decaying rotting surroundings from her wedding day that has been left for many years and wares the same wedding dress since that day which implies she is unable to move on from that one heart braking day. She is also unusual because she uses Estella and Pip and try's to destroy there lives because of her hatred towards all men, due to her negative experience with one man. I came across three main theme used by Dickens frequently throughout the book they were the themes of: Self-knowledge, Irony, Justice and Humanity. But overall there was an underlying theme of natural Justice through the novel. The characters that remained loyal and honest was rewarded. Examples: honest, faithful Herbert Pocket deserved and got his happy marriage to Clara, Joe and biddy deserved there happiness together due to there loyalty and hard work the forge, and in the end when both settled and become humble Pip and Estella was allowed a happy future once they both humbled and realised how vain and foolish they became. ...read more.

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