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How Does Conan Doyle Create A Sense Of Tension And Drama In His Sherlock Holmes Stories?

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How Does Conan Doyle Create A Sense Of Tension And Drama In His Sherlock Holmes Stories? Conan Doyle creates tension at the beginning of one of his stories when Sherlock Holmes refers to the case as an "extra ordinary case", this suggests that the case will not be straightforward. Some might say that for any adventure story or "who dunitt" to be successful requires the reader to be involved in the story and tension and drama are necessary to hold the reader's attention and give suspense to the novel. Conan Doyle creates tension in both the Silver Blaze and the Speckled Band by adding a time element to twist the plot. The time element in each passage is that in the Silver Blaze the horse needs to be found to race at the Wessex Cup and in the Speckled Band the murderer needs to be found before the other sister gets murdered. ...read more.


His stories had a distinct and succinct plot structure, but have originality in the way that the crimes are solved. His books are part of a genre, which allows the reader to feel that they are indirectly participating in the process of deduction and possible solution. This heightens the drama and suspense and readers are encouraged through this technique to read other novels. Holmes and Watson have different personalities. Sherlock Holmes appears cold and aloof, whilst Watson appears a likeable, friendly character. They both have a great deal of concern for each other and this partnership sometimes adds to the suspense. Conan Doyle creates an urgency and suspense in much of Sherlock Holmes' speech. He frequently shouts for his housekeeper and Watson when he has a new idea on how to solve a crime. He also conducts the pace of events at a higher rate and the gets to the "heart of the matter" quickly. ...read more.


"The site of the safe, the saucer of milk and the loop of whipcord where enough to finally dispel any doubts which may have remained." He always leaves you in suspense until the last chapter. Near to the end of the stories when Sherlock Holmes reveals how everything fits together, Conan Doyle deliberately only reveals a little bit of information until you get nearer to the end, all of the information gathered becomes apparent and Conan Doyle sometimes adds a twist to the plot by making an animal responsible for the murders. Near to the end of the Speckled Band it is made apparent to the reader that Holmes is afraid of what is happening. We know this because Holmes says "you're very life may depend on it". This suggests a grave danger. The fact that Holmes is afraid conveys to the reader a sense of tension and drama. His style, techniques and writing skills along with interesting plots make the novels full of drama, tension and intrigue. Alexander Ford 10L ...read more.

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