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How does Conan Doyle create excitement for the readers of his detective stories?

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How does Conan Doyle create excitement for the readers of his detective stories? Readers of the Sherlock Holmes stories are captured by the excitement which is produced when Holmes and Watson foil the evil masterminded plans of criminals. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle creates all this excitements by using Holmes' and Dr Watson's expertise in their field, as this is typical in the detective genre. An obvious place to start looking for this excitement is reading "Case of Identity". Excitement in this story is used to keep the reader interested. The excitement is created by Mary Sutherland getting such a large amount of money being left her as inheritance as that was a lot of money in the time that Conan Doyle wrote the story. The amount of money Miss Mary Sutherland gets from her inheritance left to her by her Uncle Ned is �2,500 but she can only touch the interest which stands at four and a half percent a year, "so large a sum as a hundred a year." This was a lot of money in the Victorian times for a single person this creates excitement as very few people had that amount of income without doing anything. ...read more.


The lead form the violent quarrel leads to further events; this creates excitement because a son would not get to a point where he could kill his father as it would be as if he was destroying himself. This excitement is where the son found his father dead, the son heard the call of "cooee" to which his son turns round to see his father dead on the floor, a she goes to his father he mentions something about "a rat" this was all that he caught of his fathers last words but he could have misheard what his father said, this sudden turn from the argument and the son walking away to the father being killed creates excitement as the reader would expect the son to have killed the father but the last words get the reader wandering about how the father died, and what is this rat. Conan Doyle creates excitement for the reader a tension build up as Holmes is about to reveal the murderer. The reader is excited as Holmes is about to unveil who committed the murder and he is doing this based purely on the last words of the old man "a rat". ...read more.


When the reader reads the story "Speckled Band" there is a great amount of excitement as red herrings throw the reader of the trail of what has happened, especially when Holmes and Watson are inspecting the house of Dr Grimesby Roylott as he had possible clues like the safe that is supposed to be full of papers, "What's in here...business papers" this is what she thinks is in the safe but that is not the case this creates excitements as the reader thinks that the safe plays not part in the mystery. The Sherlock Holmes stories have been written to give the optimum amount of excitement for the reader, Conan Doyle has used red herrings to throw the reader of the final conclusion and this cerates excitement as the reader is miss led, the excitement is created by the happenings in the stories such as reoccurrences and happenings which can't be explained as this is the best way for Conan Doyle to create the excitement. Conan Doyle makes his detective stories different to other writers as he writes the stories to create the maximum amount of excitement fort he reader. The Victoria period creates the excitement as the reader would not have been able to relate to life in the Victorian times. ...read more.

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