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How does Conan Doyle Engage the Readers Interest and imagination in "The Speckled Band"

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How does Conan Doyle Engage the Readers Interest and imagination in "The Speckled Band" The Speckled Band is a story written by Conan Doyle, and is based on the famous detective; Sherlock Holmes. It is a very exciting story, and is filled with many twists and turns. Conan Doyle uses many techniques to make this an interesting and exciting story throughout. I decided to write about it because I thought that it was very cleverly written and because the characters were very intriguing and entertaining. The story is about a woman who goes to Holmes for help, and she asks him to solve the mystery of her sister's death. Holmes accepts and starts to work straight away. He finds out that it was Dr. Roylott who committed the murder, so that she would not get married and inherit some of his fortune that her mother had promised each girl when they get married. The characters are entertaining, and make you want to read on. This was shown when Sherlock Holmes met Dr. Roylott for the first time, and when threatened and bullied by him, instead of cowering down, Holmes grabbed the bar that Roylott was holding and bent it showing that he also had power, and was not afraid. This was unexpected because Holmes isn't made out to be physically powerful before that point and it comes unexpectedly. ...read more.


to guide us on our sombre errand" this sentence generates a very good atmosphere because the twinkling light suggests that Holmes and Watson are still a long distance from their destination, hinting that something might come out of the 'gloom' and attack or kill them which makes the atmosphere very intense. Conan Doyle establishes a good atmosphere by using grotesque descriptions, "a large face seared with a thousand wrinkles... gave him some what the look of a fierce old bird of prey." This image, if pictured is a very unpleasant sight to see, or even imagine. 'Seared' sounds like he has been cut many times with a knife that is red hot and has burnt the wrinkles into his face. This makes the man sound like a very vicious and dangerous person. Seared is a very nasty word because it is sometimes used to say 'searing pain' or similar so the word has connotations of death and pain. We are shown that he is violent another time when "He beat his native butler to death" this quote makes it sound as if this man is racist because Doyle could have just said 'beat his butler' but he decided to add that the butler was native just to show that Dr. Roylott is a racist man. It also shows how the doctor is devoid of normal feelings because to beat someone to death is very inhumane. ...read more.


Dr. Roylott finds Holmes and threatens him with strength because he has followed his daughter to Holmes and wants to know why she was visiting him. The tension here makes us want to read on because you don't know how Holmes is going to react to this treat and what will happen in the future between these two characters. Holmes and Watson are at the Doctors house and are troubled, we are shown this when Miss Stoner says "good heavens he has followed us" Miss Stoner has spotted Dr. Roylott and doesn't want him to find out that Holmes and Watson are there. We are interested by this because we don't know what is going to happen and whether or not the doctor will notice Holmes and Watson's presence. When Miss Stoner says this you get the feeling that she is shocked and scared of what might happen because she knows that he is a very strong and dangerous man. Conan Doyle engages the readers' interest and imagination in many different ways in this story. I think that the most successful way though was without a doubt the characters. This is because is it weren't for the interesting way that Watson wrote his diary, the descriptions of things wouldn't be nearly as interesting. If it wasn't for the way that Holmes is so clever and entertaining then the mysteries would not be able to be so complex and the story wouldn't flow as well as it does, because Holmes would not solve them so quickly. ...read more.

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