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How does Conan Doyle use Dr. Watson to reveal the character and genius of Sherlock Holmes?

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How does Conan Doyle use Dr. Watson to reveal the character and genius of Sherlock Holmes? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle shows Sherlock Holmes as a highly intelligent individual. We are shown Holmes' intelligence from his good friend Dr. Watson. We learn that Holmes is very methodical in his deductive ways; this is shown in "The Speckled Band", as Watson describes the movements of Sherlock Holmes, and how he "sits in his usual way". This tells us the type of character that Holmes is; Holmes uses the power of deduction in a clinical way. This is shown as Sherlock Holmes tells Helen Stoner how she arrived to his house. Holmes explains how the mud on the left side of her jacket could only be from the dogcart she used, "there is no vehicle save a dogcart which throws up mud in that way, and then only when you sit on the left-hand side of the driver". In "The Speckled Band" we also see the type of character Holmes is, we learn that Holmes' intelligence is greater than any of the common man, but we also see Holmes' strength as Dr. ...read more.


In "The Five Orange Pips" we see how excited by this case and how it is "One of the most remarkable to which I have listened." This also tells us that Holmes intelligence has still not heard of such deaths and murders. This shows his character, as he still wants to solve cases, in which he doesn't know what is going to happen. We also see that Holmes gives advice to the man who has asked for help; Holmes tells him that he should act upon the situation. However when the man told the police, they laughed. Then Holmes cries "Incredible imbecility!" this shows how Holmes believes that the police are ignorant, like in "The Speckled Band". We also learn about the type of skills and intelligence that Holmes picked up, this is shown to us by Dr. Watson, "Botany variable, geology profound as regards the mud stains from any region within 50 miles of town, chemistry eccentric, autonomy unsystematic, sensational literature and crime records unique, violin player, boxer, swordsman, lawyer, and self-poisoner by cocaine and tobacco. ...read more.


In the final parts to the story we see how Holmes and Moriarty both use their strength and desire to defeat each other, which ironically is the death of both of them. They both fall down the cliff to the water and die, whilst Watson is left on top of the waterfall, reading the letter that Holmes left for him. In these stories we are shown how Dr. Watson describes the intelligent mind of his good friend Sherlock Holmes. The three stories I used "The Speckled Band", "The Five Orange Pips" and "The Final Problem" all showed the character and genius of Sherlock Holmes. These three stories all showed different characters of Holmes as he was terrified of Moriarty, observant in "The Speckled Band" and he was courageous in "The Five Orange Pips". Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, has used Watson in such a way that Watson is the narrator to the cases that Holmes solves. Although Watson is involved in the stories, he is used as an informer and as a good, reliable friend. Alex Fernandes 11.1 ...read more.

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