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How Does Dickens Create Characters That Are Both Memorable And Striking?

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How Does Dickens Create Characters That Are Both Memorable And Striking? "Great Expectations" was written by Charles Dickens, Ostensibly it is a story of an adult reminiscing about his childhood and his journey through life, however the connotations are evident. Dickens was in essence a child brought up in poverty and he wanted to convey the message that regardless of wealth and social stature you can know the price of everything and yet be ignorant of the true value of things. "Great Expectations" is written in first person retrospective narration; this makes the text feel more personal and allows the reader to gain a greater understanding of the feeling and emotions that the characters are enduring, it also gives that ground level feel that can only be achieved using first person narration. It is told through the eyes of Phillip Pirrip, Pip, as he is called, is an orphan and lives with his sister and the metaphorical hero of the story Joe. Pip's name is symbolic as it portrays Pip as a fragile small individual who is easily destroyed and to prosper needs to be brought in the correct environment. ...read more.


Estella is however stunningly beautiful and up until the moment Pip meets Estella he has no discernable opinion in spite of this he views Estella's opinion so highly that when she comments on the unsightly condition of his shoes he finds himself sharing the same view as she. Dickens characters are so memorable because of the indicative way that Dickens describes the surroundings. In the scene with Miss Havisham Dickens sets the scene by creating antithesis between what Pip thinks he sees and the reality of the surroundings that greets him when his eyes get used to the light "she was dressed in rich materials...some bright jewels sparkled ....and no brightness left" the bright jewels are suggestive of opulence. These characters are so memorable because they are not a common book characters, with the exception of Pip and Joe all the characters provide something very different whether it be the ghostly traits that Ms Havisham possesses or the views about men that Estella has at such a young age. Dickens repeatedly uses pre-figurative language to drop hints to the reader about forthcoming events e.g. ...read more.


"She had brought me up by hand". This euphemism is used to portray the type of upbringing that Mrs Joe had chose to use whilst raising Pip and shows the harsh life that Pip has had to endure. The language used to describe Mrs Joe allows the reader to imagine a women who has no maternal instincts whatsoever, "with black hair and black eyes." The fact that Mrs Joe wears an "impregnable bib" shows that she does not let anything near her both literally and metaphorically. These descriptions are the complete antithesis to a mother. The reader can also view the fear that Pip holds when Mrs Joe shouts at Pip "I whimpered", again we see examples of how un motherly Mrs Joe is. Pip refers to his sister as" Mrs Joe" this shows the decorous manner in which Pip speaks to his sister To conclude Charles Dickens uses a Varity of techniques ranging from antithesis to motifs to ensure that the characters are both memorable and striking. By use of vivid imagery the reader is able to build up a mental picture of various settings this in turn makes it easier to place themselves in different situations. This combined with syntax and use of charactornyms all aid in Dickens making memorable and striking characters. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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