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How does Dickens create characters that are both memorable and striking? Pay particular attention to chapters one and eight and refer to at least three characters.

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How does Dickens create characters that are both memorable and striking? Pay particular attention to chapters one and eight and refer to at least three characters. This term we have been reading a book by Charles Dickens called 'Great Expectations'. It has been very interesting to read, especially since Charles Dickens makes his novel extremely descriptive as he makes each one of his characters unique and different. In this essay I will be discussing how Dickens creates characters that are memorable and striking. I will not be looking at characters through the whole book, just chapters one and eight. I will be looking back at the story and picking out parts of the book, that Dickens has used to describe his characters with interesting detail, that create wonderful images in your mind that are striking, and will stay with you forever. The narrative style of this book is written in the first person. We know this as Dickens uses phrases such as, 'I know' and ' I said'. By doing this we also know that the main character Pip is telling us the story. This is a very effective way of writing and makes it not so dull to read. We learn a lot about Pip in the first chapter, by him telling us about his background etc. We learn his name, about his family, his background, like where he is from and where he lives. ...read more.


This line gives us an amazing picture in our head, by just using a few simple words. It is the way that Dickens puts the words together, like putting a jigsaw together. This tells us what kind of man Magwitch is straight away, from this we can tell that Magwitch was fearful about what he was doing, however was still not doing something right. By the way he said he was shivering we get the impression he has been out for a long time, and the fact that he glares and growls tells us that he is not always so pleasant. Another great description of a character, would be Miss Havishams. Her description starts off with; ''She was dressed in rich materials- satins, and lace, and silks- all of white.'' This tells us that she is quite rich, as she can afford rich materials like that. ''She had not quite finished dressing, for she had but one shoe on- the other was on the table near her hand- her veil was but half arranged.'' This bit is crucial, it tells us something is definitely not right with this women, it makes you want to read further to hear more about this strange lady. Her whole description is incredible, and you get a clear image of her. While describing things, Dickens uses long sentence structures, which give you a lot of information at once. ...read more.


Another technique that Dickens uses is, dropping characters out of the story and then re-introducing them later. He did this with Magwitch, Estelle and Miss Havisham. Magwitch leaves the story by Chapter two, but later on in the book, Dickens re-introduces him to the story, and we learn yet more about his character. This is a good effect on the book, connecting Chapters together like this, makes the writing flow. Dickens does this again with Estelle bringing her out and then back into it. Connecting Chapters when writing a book, is definitely a good idea, it makes the whole story fit together beautifully. All of these techniques that Charles Dickens uses is what makes such a successful book. Everything used helps to create the perfect characters. By using these, the writing is so clear you can see an exact image of the story in your mind. It's amazing how you have to think of so many different parts while writing a book, to create the characters you want to portrait. It is not as simple as just describing them; you have to think about setting, body language, reactions and their speech. It is incredible the detail writers have to get into. Although, I can say that Charles Dickens achieved this outstandingly. I enjoyed reading this book, but would like to have read the whole thing. I think that Charles Dickens is a great writer and I will definitely be reading more of his books in the future. ...read more.

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