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How does Dickens create characters that are both striking and memorable?

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How does Dickens create characters that are both striking and memorable? Make sure you refer to at least three. Dickens creates characters that are both striking and memorable in Great Expectations. His style of writing produces plausible, three-dimensional and psychologically complete individuals that cannot fail to be enjoyable and memorable to all who experience them. He also cleverly uses them to show different emotions and aspects of human nature that do not change with time. Charles dickens is probably the best known of all British novelists. Born in 1812, Dickens had an unhappy childhood as his parents were always in debt and his father was sent to debtor's prison. After working in a blackening factory he then became the first clerk in a solicitors office. Dickens, though still uneducated, worked hard and in 1834 became a parliamentary reporter for the Morning Chronicle. From this point, his life got better and come to publish some of the best novels of all time such as Oliver twist, A Christmas Carol, and Great Expectations. ...read more.


Magwitch has returned illegally from Australia in search of Pip and a new life. According to Wemmick, Pip is being watched and must be careful in meeting with Magwitch, and in getting him back to Australia. Pip decides to hire a boat to row Magwitch out to the Australia steamboat disguised as the boats Captain. At the end magwitch is recaptured by the man with the scar on the marshes and is sentenced to go back to Australia and hang. The ending for Pip was written first so that he and Estella separated and never saw each other again. And then as another ending where Estella, who is Magwitch's daughter, and Pip, are married and live happily ever after. Pip is a memorable and striking character in great expectations because he is, after all, a poor orphan boy who grows up and falls in love with Estella, the tool of Miss Haversham's evil. He journeys to London after he unexpectedly gets money from a criminal he stole food for in his youth. ...read more.


Miss Havisham is possibly one the most eccentric and haunting of all Dickens characters and the story surrounding her is a tribute to Dickens's style. The story of Great Expectations in my opinion is one the best and most gripping of any Dickens novel. Although the storyline can turn unexpectedly, the style of Dickens allows for this by creating characters with an unusual and adaptable persona. These unexpected and colourful personalities are reproduced in many of his novels and are recognised as being born from the imagination of Dickens. The characters above portray the typical style of Dickens in such detail that the reader is brought into the story and into the characters minds to such an extent that people will always remember the striking and memorable nature of many Dickens characters. Dickens is exceptional in his ability to write great novels and also for creating some of the best known and loved characters in literature. Robert Richardson 10R2 GCSE English Coursework 5 ...read more.

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