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How does Dickens create striking and memorable characters in Great Expectations?

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How does Dickens create striking and memorable characters in "Great Expectations"? You should refer to Pip and two other characters. The way Dickens uses striking and memorable characters in "Great Expectations" is the way he published the story. He wrote an extract at a time and then published it in some magazines so the reader would have to read the next issue to find out what happened. The way he made the audience want to decide to read the next issue was by making the characters striking because he needed the money so this way was effective in selling his story and magazines. Dickens uses a social statement to the audience and telling us what the world was really like and what was happening around when we don't notice. In the story, Pip's social background was that he was an orphan because his mother and father were dead. He also lived with his sister and her husband Mr and Mrs Joe Gargery. Pip and his sister had a big difference in age. Pip's sister was horrible to both Pip and Mr Joe Gargery in the way she use to shout at the both of them, order them around and she use to beat Pip. ...read more.


This just says that the place where Pip lived is a very boring place but he can remember everything including the scenery around his house. Pip's relationships with other people was very good and he was full of manners even when people were being horrible to him and ordering him around, such as "Tell us your name!", "yes sir." This shows that Pip was bought up in a respective manor and he respected his elders and everyone else but also he had some sort of education. The word sir shows that even though Magwitch is horrible to him, he still has respect for everyone. Magwitch is a convict who has escaped from prison. He escaped because he was about to get transported to Australia, where they send convicts to hang them. The way he was described said everything about him. There was a list just describing what he looked like had happened to him. "A man who had been soaked in water, and smothered in mud, and lamed in stones, and cut by flints, and stung by nettles, and torn by briars." This just tells the audience that he had been roughly treated and had it on the run for some time, and that it looks like he has got it in for Pip and he is going to take his anger out on Pip. ...read more.


"What do I touch?" "Your heart" "Broken". This is trying to get Pip's sympathy for herself so she is acting in a selfish way as well. The voice that you can imagine is very questioning. "Anything else?" The repetition shows that she is always pressuring Pip into answering her, almost like bullying him. The way it looks like it has affected her sanity makes us think that the love that she lost was the most important to her. It is as if time hasn't moved since it has happened. The clothes she is wearing as she is half-ready and she is living in Darkness. Cobwebs everywhere and looking skinny and rotten. She is very selfish in the way she orders Pip around and the way she thinks that she is better than he is. "Disdain" and "Contempt". This sort of language that Dickens uses for Miss Havisham makes Pip feel contempt about himself and she has changed the way he thinks about himself since he has been at her house. Miss Havisham's language towards Pip makes him feel different about the one person that is nice to Pip. Altogether I think that the most effective way Dickens creates the memorable characters is the way he writers about everyone treating each other. He makes it like real life to tell everyone, such as the audience, that it is happening around us but we don't realise it. By Alex Hall ...read more.

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