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How does Dickens' presentation of the four ghosts in 'A Christmas Carol' teach both scrooge and his readers a lesson about life?

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How does Dickens' presentation of the four ghosts in 'A Christmas Carol' teach both scrooge and his readers a lesson about life? A ghost is a transparent figure of a dead person. In ghost stories we expect graveyards, the darkness, peculiar noises and scary figures/shadows. People are scared of ghosts because they are related with death. We don't know what death feels like so we are scared of what it holds. Dickens was trying to highlight the inequality and injustice of Britain at that time. Most of his novels are set in London and many of his characters are from underprivileged, poor backgrounds. E.g. scrooge exploits Bob Cratchet by making him work for low wages and in bad condition. ...read more.


Dickens also writes "its legs and feet most delicately formed were like these upper members bare". Scrooge is unnerved by this ghost because he is never sure at what he was looking at. The ghost of the Christmas past shows scrooge some of his previous Christmases. The ghost shows scrooge's memories of his school days of how he was a lonely boy and his only friends were characters from books. During this memory scrooge learnt his first bit of compassion. Scrooge learnt it's awful to be alone at Christmas. The ghost of the Christmas past showed scrooge's memory of a huge, happy and exciting Christmas party thrown by his boss. Everyone was invited to the party even poor people. Scrooge spoke very kindly and everyone was enjoying themselves. There were lots of food, drinks, music and dancing. ...read more.


The spirit waved his torch as if sprinkling Christmas spirit everywhere which made everyone happier. The spirit takes scrooge to see Bob Cratchet's house and his nephew Fred. He learnt that Christmas is about happiness and love. Cratchit is shown he is very good natured because he did a toast called the founder of the feast. This makes scrooge feel guilty because even though he has been horrible to Bob, Bob still toasts him to say thank you for the money. The ghost of the Christmas present shows scrooge ignorance and want. Ignorance represents a lack of understanding and want represents greed. These are both present in scrooge. The ghost warns scrooge that ignorance and want were present in him. Dickens gives a message out to the reader that ...read more.

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