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How does Dickens show his feelings about Victorian society in the story of A Christmas Carol?

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Course work Jade Kane How does Dickens show his feelings about Victorian society in the story of A Christmas Carol? Dickens speaks directly to the reader. He often shows his feelings about his characters. For example 'Hard and sharp as flint' this description of Scrooge suggests that he is an evil man and the use of imagery helps the reader understand Scrooge's personality easier. He also refers to Scrooge as being cold and old 'The cold within him froze his old features' this Leads the reader to believe he is not a warming person and has a cold view on things, carrying around a bitter chill with him. The reason why Dickens dislikes Scrooge is because Scrooge represents certain attitudes towards poor in Victorian society. An example of this is when he says to the credential gentlemen 'If they would rather die..they had better do it..' this is showing a very uncaring and mean side of him that is unlike-able. ...read more.


By using the word 'Forgotten' its leads the reader to believe that there is no side of Scrooge that is like this anymore however shows us that Scrooge was a poor lonely boy at Christmas, helping us to understand why he hates Christmas. Dickens also likes Fezziwig, Who Scrooge worked for as a young man. The ghost of Christmas past shows Fezziwig enjoying Christmas. He uses warm vocabulary 'Called out in a comfortable, oily, rich, fat, jovial voice.' He also describes his movements as happy for instants 'Skipping down the high desk, with wonderful agility.' This portrays him as a cheerful jolly man, indicating that Dickens is fond of him. However is it clear at this young age that Scrooge isn't enjoying Christmas, as Fezziwig states 'Cheer up Ebenezer' this shows that he has never been a fan of Christmas even as a child. The ghost of Christmas present shows the Cratchit family and Freddie's family enjoying Christmas. ...read more.


There is also a sense of humour as shown 'If you should happen to know a man more blest in a laugh than Scrooge's nephew I should like to know him to.' This comes across to the reader as a joke and is said in a humour-like way again showing a happy tone. Dickens uses the family of Freddie's to show that having fun is important. He uses warm images to describe this family. For example 'She was pretty, the sunniest pair of eyes you ever saw.' This suggests a calm imagery and includes the reader; it also implies that she stands out from the other girls. He furthermore goes on to create another warm form of imagery 'Because they had dinner and with the dessert upon the table, were clustered round the fire by lamplight.' This is creates a happy theme and helps show the importance of happiness. In contrast Dickens uses the comic characters of the charwoman, the laundress and the undertaker to create sympathy for scrooge. ...read more.

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