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How does Dickens use language and Imagery to show that Scrooge's desire for wealth has affected his character and Behaviour and that of the people around him?

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How does Dickens use language and Imagery to show that Scrooge's desire for wealth has affected his character and Behaviour and that of the people around him? 'A Christmas Carol' written in 1843. It was the first of five short Christmas books written and published by Charles Dickens. 'A Christmas Carol' was the most successful novel in the series. Soon after its publication, all of the copies were sold. Since its publication, the story has been sold in a variety of forms. 'A Christmas Carol' has been adapted for stage, radio, movies and television; however, the book remains the most popular telling of the tale. The book 'A Christmas Carol' is not simply a book about Christmas. Charles Dickens used the theme where people are sensitive to philanthropy- (loving your fellow man) and generosity so it had universal appeal. Charles Dickens wrote the novel because he wanted to publicise the plight that the poor suffered; the story bore extreme relevance in it's time and he embodied his philosophy that we should love our fellow man in his work. This is very poignant in a Christmas Carol as Scrooge adapts into a character who learns that he can still love his fellow man. This concept is summed up in the book when it says that 'if a man's spirit does not walk around the earth in life it is condemned to do so in death'. ...read more.


Belle breaks their arrangement, one which was made when he was a poor man because 'Another idol has displaced me'. She thinks she is no longer as important to Scrooge as she had once been. "What Idol has displaced you?' He rejoined... A golden one" In other words she is saying that she can no longer marry him as he is more interested in money. She has seen him evolve: "I have seen your nobler aspirations fall off one by one, until the master-passion, Gain, engrosses you." Scrooge has been consumed by his greed and Belle has watched it become his first passion, it has replaced her. So for scrooge Belle represents love and chances not taken. We also learn from this Ghost the unkindness he suffered by his father. Perhaps this mistreatment is reflected in Scrooge's character by the way in which he is so unkind and unfeeling towards the poor. The Ghost of Christmas past shows us the beginning of the path that Scrooge is currently on. Language is used in 'A Christmas Carol' not only to set the scene for the rest of the book but to reflect the darkness of Scrooge's character: "External heat and cold had little influence on Scrooge. ...read more.


the spirit implies the problem will be made worse. Want is also suffering, she has been created by man's greed and having seen her Scrooge is compelled to help her. Using these symbols, 'Want and Ignorance' Charles Dickens is trying to make his reader take a step back and look at them selves, want and ignorance are apparent in 'A Christmas Carol' in the same way they were in the society at that time. He wanted the rich to feel guilty, and by using the mutilated, incarcerated images of 'wolfish', 'prostrate' children he achieves this. He introduces Want and Ignorance before the Ghost of the future in order for us- the reader to look at the future the ghost shows us with them in mind; what we see is the effect's of 'Want and Ignorance'. Once Scrooge is shown these children of mankind and given a second chance at life, he does his utmost to ensure he helps that in need and is no longer ignorant of the poor. The story 'A Christmas Carol' is so timeless that it can be read by anyone at any time, and will still have the same moral, but will bare relevance to society like it did when it was written. As despite everything, the gap between those who have more than they need and those who have nothing at all still remains. Pre Twentieth Century Prose Jessica Everitt ...read more.

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