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How does Emily Brontë manipulate the structure of the narrative to enhance the nature of the tragedy in 'Wuthering Heights'?

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English Literature 'Wuthering Heights' by Emily Bront�. How does Emily Bront� manipulate the structure of the narrative to enhance the nature of the tragedy in 'Wuthering Heights'? The narrative technique that Emily Bront� utilizes in 'Wuthering Heights' is remarkable. The novel is presented as a story within a story, which also has a complicated time frame; it depends on flashbacks to tell its story. Although there are two obvious narrators, Lockwood and Nelly Dean, a variety of other narratives are also seen throughout the novel, for example Isabella's letter. The reason for this being that the conflicts within Wuthering Heights are offered in the form of eyewitness narrations by the characters that have played a part in the narration they describe. Unlike other novels where parallel narratives exist, Wuthering Heights has a multi-layered narration with each individual narrative opening out from another revealing a new part of the story. ...read more.


As the reader, there are aspects of us also feeling like an outsider, coming into a world, which is uncivilised and hostile. Through Lockwood's narrative, we find out what his first opinions are of the characters, therefore it influences our own. At the beginning, Lockwood is intrigued, especially by Heathcliff. This also immediately makes us want to know more about Heathcliff. Lockwood says 'I felt interested in a man who seemed more exaggeratedly reserved than myself.' Emily Bront� uses Lockwood's narrative as a key to tell us about Heathcliff. Lockwood symbolises a civilised society and appears to be intelligent and well educated. His detailed descriptions and observation in Wuthering Heights comment on situation and character and the changes that take place. On Lockwood's first visit to Wuthering Heights, he comments on the chained gate and the 'wildness of crumbling griffins'. ...read more.


She has her own opinions, which can sometimes be biased. Another technique that Emily Bronte uses for the narrative is Isabella's letter. From this, we find out her feelings and again, another perspective of Heathcliff's character. With all the different narratives and different opinions of Heathcliff, it is difficult for the reader to find the true Heathcliff and what he is really like. It is debatable whether Zillah, the other housekeeper at Wuthering Heights, is a narrator in herself. When Nelly lives at Thrushcross Grange, Zillah is responsible for the second generation Cathy. Nelly must rely upon the reports of Zillah for the news of young Cathy's life. From this, we see Emily Bronte's calculating technique for us to not always know what goes on at Wuthering heights. Many critics have questioned why Emily Bronte has created such a complex narrative. One reason may be to make Wuthering Heights a more believable and realistic place. Hannah Baxter 02/05/2007 ...read more.

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