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How does 'Faithless Sally Brown' and 'On the Departure Platform' explore relationships?

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How does 'Faithless Sally Brown' and 'On the Departure Platform' explore relationships? The poems that I will be writing about are faithless sally brown and on the departure platform. I the essay I will be exploring how each poet writes about relationships. There are a lot of different kinds off relationships. A man and women can have a love relationship. Friends can have a very close relationship. To people from the opposite sex can have relationships. Humans and animals can also have a relationship. The definition of a relationship is when people or persons feel very strongly about one another. Thomas Hood wrote 'Faithless Sally Brown' between 1799 and 1845. The story line of Faithless Sally Brown is Ben fell in love with sally but he was forced to go to navy and leave sally but when he returned two years later he found that to his horror sally had found another man and Ben was heartbroken. The mood of the poem is very sad and touching. Thomas Hardy wrote 'On the Departure Platform' between 1840 and 1928. The story line of 'On the Departure Platform' is a couple are saying goodbye on a station platform and the girlfriend ...read more.


This stanza tells us that although his girlfriend would be coming back and she is only going away for a short time he is still really court up about it and doesn't really want her to go. He could have different ideas in his head of what he thinks she might get up to. The second point is that when you are in love you are in your own little world. We know this because in stanza five: We have penned new plans since that fair fond day, And in season she will appear again, Perhaps in the same soft white array, But never as then. He loved this woman and because he loves her he knew she was going to come back. He trusted her. The images that 'Faithless Sally Brown' implies are in the first stanza Ben says that he loves Sally Brown the maid but we don't really get the implication that Sally Brown really loves him. Until stanza 6 when she is crying because he is gone and if she didn't love him she wouldn't be crying. ...read more.


The relationship at the beginning of the poem the relationship was running smoothly I didn't really expect that she would go off with another man and leave Ben to die of a broken heart. The language the poet used was very effective. I think that 'On the Departure Platform' is also another very sad poem just like 'Faithless Sally Brown'. It explores relationship in the same way that 'Faithless Sally Brown' does. The down side of the relationships when you are not with the one you love and respect for what ever amount of time and for whatever reason it may be. The relationship in this poem needed a break for a little bit so the girlfriend went away but was to return in a short amount of time. The boyfriend wasn't really that happy about it but she was still going. My overall view of both of the poems is that all relationships can have their good times but they all do have their hard times. Whether it is splitting up and just having a break for a while. In both of the poems the man gets hurt in some way. Melissa Langley 10 A ...read more.

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