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How does Golding introduce his protagonists in Lord Of The Flies?

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´╗┐Beca Dafydd 11H How does Golding introduce his protagonist in the first chapter? The first character that is introduced in Lord of the Flies is Ralph. He is described at first only as ?The boy with fair hair?. One of the first things Ralph does when he realizes that there aren?t any grown ups is stand on his head - ?he stood on his head?. This shows that Ralph has a carefree attitude and is quite naive because he?s excited at the prospect of no adults and has not yet thought of the problems that this might arise from this. Ralph?s naivety is also shown by how optimistic he is about being rescued ?He?ll be back all right?, this also shows that he trusts the civilized world. Golding describes Ralph?s body as being of similar build as the body of a boxer ?might make a boxer? but he also says that ?there was a mildness about his mouth and eyes that proclaimed no devil? which shows although Ralph could be capable of violence that it is not in his nature. ...read more.


Unlike Ralph, Piggy senses the severity of the situation immediately and he thinks things through asking a lot of questions ?What happened to it?. This shows his intelligence. When Piggy asks Ralph?s name Golding shows us that Piggy is also friendly. We can also see that he is far from physically fit because he has asthma and can?t keep up with Ralph. When Ralph goes swimming Piggy compliments him on his swimming ability saying ?you can?t half swim? suggesting slight admiration towards Ralph. We can see that Piggy is influenced by adults especially his Aunt and is not keen to disobey her even though she?d never find out ?My auntie..? We then find out that Piggy?s parents have both died ?My dad?s dead? ?and my mum? this tells us that he has already dealt with mature situations in his life and that he has had to grow up faster. Piggy?s the one who thinks to call the others with the conch ?We can use this to call the others?. This supports my earlier statement that Piggy is intelligent. ...read more.


This foreshows that he will end up doing what he wants to do despite of what he is told to do by Ralph. His aggressive way of speaking towards Piggy ?Shut up, Fatty? tells us of his dislike towards Piggy and foreshows his violent behavior. The fact that Jack automatically thinks he should be chief ?I ought to be chief? shows us that he is very arrogant and it also contrasts Ralph?s character who is voted to be chief without putting himself foreword. When he is not elected as chief Jack is humiliated ?the freckles on Jack?s face disappeared under a blush of mortification?. This shows us that as well as being arrogant Jack is also proud and it set?s up the rivalry between him and Ralph for the rest of the book. At the end of the chapter Jack is about to kill a pig but doesn?t because he understands ?what an enormity the downward stroke would be? and he is not yet far enough removed from civilization to end a life. I believe this is where Golding first introduces Jack?s obsession with hunting because Jack?s ashamed that he hadn?t gone through with killing the pig and insists ?Next time? he?ll do it. ...read more.

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