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How Does Harper Lee Present The Black Community In 'To Kill A Mockingbird'?

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How Does Harper Lee Present The Black Community In 'To Kill A Mockingbird'? Title: To Kill A Mockingbird Author: Harper Lee Written: Late 1950's Community is an area where people live together and interact with each other. In 'To Kill A Mockingbird' there are two different communities, a black community and a white community. The white community is the larger and stronger community (in terms of power). The white community are very racist towards the black community and try not to mix with the black people of the town. The black people live in a smaller part of the town, away from the white people. Harper Lee has set the novel in Alabama, America in a small fictional town called 'Maycomb'. ...read more.


Not only do you see the way people react towards the black community but the way the white community discriminate towards a white man (Atticus Finch) who is for Tom Robinson's lawyer during the case. The black people were made to sit upstairs in the court away from the white people. This was because the white people didn't want to associate with any other race apart from their own. They don't really talk to Atticus Finch during this period because he has gone against what half of Maycomb believes. The black community is very secure in terms of how strong they are as a unit. Their homes are in a different part of the town to the white people. ...read more.


His name is 'Zeebo'; he is Calpurnia's eldest son. Altogether, the black community give back as good as they get from the white people of Maycomb. I think because the black people have had racism thrown at them for most probably all of their lives they just give back as good as they get. In the black community they all treat each other with respect and are all there to help one another, unlike the white community. In the white community they are very prejudice and will criticise each other quite a lot. As a whole the black part of Maycomb treat the white part well, because they have 2 put up with a lot from them and they aren't always as critical to them as the whites are to the blacks. ...read more.

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