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How does J.B.Preistley create a sense of drama and atmosphere in "An Inspector Calls"

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How does J.B.Preistley create a sense of drama and atmosphere in "An Inspector Calls" An Inspector Calls was first written in 1945 by J B Preistley and first performed at new theatre in1946. The story is about an Inspector who arrives at a rich families house about a girls suicide and after questioning each one in turn we find out all the Birling's and Gerald have something to do with the suicide of this girl. In this play we find out money isn't everything, even if you have money you might not be as close to your family as you thought, we also find out that everyone has to look out for each other every thing we do could interfere in someone else's life like a ripple effect. Because J B Preistley knew all the major events, which had happened in the early 1900's, he set his play in 1912 to create a sense of superior atmosphere for the reader, so when they are introduced to this early spring evening and see these wonderfully rich people so happy with every thing they could possibly want, in their minds want or more or less need to find out something to go against them. The first character we are introduced to is Arthur Birling who is obviously wealthy, confident and proud but in a marvellous speech he decides to give his Son and future Son in law J B Preistley writes exactly what the reader wants to hear "And I say there isn't chance of war." ...read more.


Sheila being as spoilt as she is went in there with her mother and insisted on trying on a dress her mother and the shop assistant tried to convince her not to and she realised why when she tried it on the shop assistant called Eva and put the dress against her to show Sheila why she was the wrong type, and Eva was the right type in every way that Sheila was the wrong type Sheila was so jealous "...I caught sight of the girl smiling...as if to say : doesn't she look awful...I was very rude to both of them, and then I went to the manager and told him that this girl had been very impertinent..." she told the Inspector so she had threatened to close the account with Millwards if the girl wasn't dismissed, and as the Birlings were extremely rich Millwards couldn't afford to lose them and dismissed the girl. Sheila shows an emotional side at this point and says ""...She was very pretty and looked as though she could take care of herself...and if I could help her now I would..." She obviously couldn't help her but it adds a bit of positive atmosphere for Sheila the reader realises that she does care for others as the reader myself I felt sorry for Sheila a tiny bit thinking it was all her fault except then I found out Gerald's story but by this time she had changed her name from Eva Smith to Daisy ...read more.


Sheila refuses to marry Gerald and is still nervous, she is still on the Inspectors side so to calm her down they phone the infirmary to make sure, the infirmary confirms them no girl has come into the infirmary tonight by drinking strong disinfectants Sheila calms down a little and is about to go off to bed when the phone rings confirming a girl has just died on the way to the infirmary and there will be a police Inspector coming around soon. I feel that in my conclusion I should point out a very interesting quote from the Inspector on page 11 when he says "Two hours ago a young woman died in the infirmary. She had been taken there this afternoon." I quote this because at the end of the story they had only just found the girl on her way to the infirmary, which must conclude to whom the Inspector was I personally think he was someone to warn them that we must look out for one another that each thing we do has it's consequences but it is still a mystery of how he knew what had happened and what was going to happen. J B Preistley made me and everyone else who reads the play think of what they do and how they do it, the drama and atmosphere of shock, horror and suspense carries with the reader throughout more than just the time when they are reading but follows them everywhere, we can think more about our actions just as much as we can relate to Eva Smith. By Lorraine Hallett ...read more.

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