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How does Jane Austen ensure that Lizzy and Darcy are the most attractive couple in the novel?

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How does Jane Austen ensure that Lizzy and Darcy are the most attractive couple in the novel? We are introduced to the character of Lizzy early on, and in such away that we are immediately given a positive impression of her. We first hear of her in a conversation between Mr and Mrs Bennet when discussing the arrival of Mr Bingley. "I must throw in a good word for my little Lizzy" Mr Bennet says, "Lizzy has something more of quickness than her sisters" This is the first impression that we have of Lizzy. To introduce her character in this way means that even before meeting her, we are already thinking of her character and already have an image of her in our minds. We see that Mr Bennet points out Lizzy's 'quickness', showing that she is clever and not absent minded and dull. By hearing his praise of her, we can not dislike her unless we see something that we disapprove, which never occurs, as such. In order for Darcy and Elizabeth to be attractive as a couple, they also need to be attractive as individuals. Their attractiveness, not just of looks but of personality, are hinted to us throughout the novel. Lizzy is strong-willed, witty, bright and intelligent. ...read more.


"He is the best landlord, and the best master," she said, "that ever lived; not like the wild young men nowadays, who think nothing but themselves. There is not one of his tenants or servants but what will give him a good name." This report of Darcy from his housekeeper demonstrates the character we see developing. By such information, it is suggested that what we originally presumed of him to be proud and rude, may actually, in some ways, be misunderstandings of his character, as we learn that he is merely the strong, silent type. The improvement of Darcy's character, as well as the less obvious improvement of Elizabeth's, is one of the attractive features of their partnership. The way that they work on their relationship is attractive because they do not just settle with an easy option but admit mistakes and amend problems. They both realise faults in themselves due to each other. Darcy's pride and Lizzy's prejudice. Darcy's pride we have already seen at the ball. This is shown to us in an obvious manner and even stated and talked about. It is often Lizzy who complains about it and is the reason that she despises Darcy so much and for so long. ...read more.


We can also compare this to the marriage of Charlotte Lucas and Mr Collins. "When Mr Collins could be forgotten, there was a great air of comfort throughout, and by Charlotte's evident enjoyment of it, Elizabeth supposed he must often be forgotten." This was taken from Lizzy's visit to Hunsford to visit Mr and Mrs Collins. It shows how happier Charlotte is when her husband isn't there, and that this is often the case. Lizzy and Darcy however, enjoy each other's company immensely and do not tire of it. We see that the Collins' marriage is a marriage of convenience. It is stable, they have money and their own space from each other, but there is no love. They would never sit and enjoy a conversation but would much rather be separate from each other, similarly to Mr and Mrs Bennet, but right from the start of their marriage. Darcy and Lizzy as a couple are attractive because they are so meant to be. Jane Austen has written us a Romantic novel where the well matched always end up living happily ever after. They are not bad like Lydia and Wickham and so we feel a great love for them and believe that they deserve to be happy together. By being able to compare them to many other couples in the book we see even more clearly how they, as a couple, are the most attractive. ...read more.

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