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How does Luhrmann portray the meeting of Romeo and Juliet

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How does Luhrmann portray the meeting of Romeo and Juliet? In this essay, I will denote and connote the hidden messages within Baz Luhrmanns modern day version of Romeo and Juliet. I will explain what the messages mean, and what things are the hidden messages. I will analyse the images and shots within the party scene that Romeo and Juliet first meet in. In the opening shot, we hear diagetec sound. This sound is a woman singing a love song. This indicates that there is some hidden love story within the film in which is about to be revealed to us. We see Romeo trying to shake off a drug in which he has just taken, we see him in a very similar shot to one in which we see Juliet from during the first time we see her. This lets us see that the love connection is between the two of them. As Romeo exits the bathroom, he looks at the fish tank, yet again; there is a theme of water linking the both of them. ...read more.


Her family think he would be a perfect match for her, but his costume definitely says differently. He is wearing an astronaut's costume; this costume shows that he is slightly out in space, away from the rest of the world, possibly even self centred. Tibalt does not want Romeo in his families' house at all, especially not in his family; where as Romeo does not want violence! This shows more of Romeos' nobility and honour. It also illustrates more of the barrier between Romeo and Juliet. It shows the side of their love that is forbidden. As Juliet and Paris continue to dance, Juliet keeps laughing, laughing at the irony of her parents trying to set them up. She laughs at how incompatible they are. As she laughs, she keeps looking back over at Romeo, smiling all the time. Looking deep into his eyes, showing him the connection that she also feels. When the song ends, Romeo walks back over to Juliet and declares his love for her. He takes her up the stairs and into the lift, there he kisses her. ...read more.


She is also wearing a white night dress, this marks out more of her innocence and purity, it shows her honesty. As Romeo watches her come out of her the doors, she debates between the name of her father, and true love. She wants to stay loyal to her Father and her love, but the two are both conflicts of interest. Juliet wants to please her father but does not see what Romeo being a Montague has to do with anything. This really demonstrates the character of Juliet; it represents more of a barrier between her best interests. As Romeo walks up to her and speaks to her, they both slip into the water, yet again the theme of water links the two of them. The water is very calm and shows the intensity of their love. Throughout the film Juliet continues to wear her hair down, flowing freely, defining her sexuality. The definition of her sexuality shows a connection between the two of them again, but in a sexual way. The camera angles describe a struggle whilst Romeo is under water, suggesting that he may be trying to show the struggle Romeo and Juliet shall have later on during the film. Elisabeth Underhay. 10H. ...read more.

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